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2010-01-05, 04:57 PM
"Mook" creatures (non unique NPCs) can be gathered together in units for larger scale battles. All members of the same unit act on the same initiative count. The unit can launch as many attacks in one round and may attack as many unique characters and other units as it has divisions. The number of divisions in a unit are equal to the number of unit members divided by five and rounded up.

A unit can have up to 10 divisions while one division may have fewer members than the others. Members of each division attack as creatues of their level/hit dice with a +1 bonus per division. On a successful attack, roll 1dx with x being division strength. Roll that amount of damage dice against one enemy unit or NPC(s). So in a unit with sixteen orcs contains four sub-divisions with three full divisions and one extra orc. In addition, any time a Mook suffers more than enough damage to kill or incapacitate it from a melee or grenade-like attack, the remaining damage is inflicted upon the rest of the unit.

Any creature with more than 8 hit dice or NPC with more than 10 levels is exempt from Mook rules.

So fellow Playgrounders, how do these rules look? Honestly but politely of course.

2010-01-05, 06:01 PM
I am just confused. Is this for 3.5? 2nd edition?

Would you walk us through a few examples of how a DM would set this up, what the purpose would be, and how it would act, round-by-round?

2010-01-05, 07:33 PM
"Any creature with more than 8 hit dice or NPC with more than 10 levels is exempt from Mook rules."

I haven't run any numbers to see if this breaks around the eight hit die mark (Like Vadin, I would like to see you run some numbers for us, I'm a little confused) but my gut reaction is to disagree with the quoted statement.

Reasoning: A demon with 12 hit dice could (almost) be considered a mook for a newly epic party questing to rescue heironeous from <obligatory evil>

Also, define "division strength" please. I believe you mean the strength modifier of the creature within the unit, but I am uncertain

2010-01-05, 08:37 PM
By division strength I mean number of divisions. Sort of like troop strength meaning number of troops. As for numbers I'll try this. Take 25 kobolds with one leader against six eighth level PCs. The PCs are walking along in a long tunnel. They are sighted by small sortie of kobolds with a single third level marshall as their leader hiding in the secret compartments of tunnel.

He orders them to fire their crossbows at the party and then fires himself. Due to the number of divisions the unit gains a +5 to attack. The unit directly behind the marshall fires at PC3, the 3rd level marshall/5th level crusader. The attack roll succeeds and the DM rolls an eight on a ten-sided. The party leader takes four arrows from the kobolds with only one arrow missing. The other divisions fire and the round begins.

25 kobolds with 15 bolts each and 3rd level leader--six member party eighth level
4 hit points each; leader has 18 hit points--varries


Note: with only one or two units you could easily run initative for each division.