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2010-01-06, 05:02 PM
I'm thinking Martial Striker.

The cool thing is that the weapon mechanics will make him very different than the archer ranger since Ptolus uses fire and load weapons, not clips.

Therefore Twin Striking, Two-Fanged Strike, Five-Missile Dance, and everything else is out. He's gonna be about putting the most power behind one shot, and I'm thinking a ranged version of Reaping Strike is in order.

The main stat is Dexterity of course, for the two builds I'm thinking Sharpshooter and a Heavy/Support Build. Controller and Leader respectively. Now this is gonna sound odd, but to further diversify this from an archer ranger, I'm thinking that the secondaries will be Int and Con respectively.

Being smart and working with guns just makes sense, though I know the name lends itself to a high Perception score. Who knows, maybe a class feature replacing Int with Wis for that score would work?

Finally, since there are several types of firearms in Ptolus, and I absolutely love bonus effects for weapon types that you see with the fighter, it would work out quite well for the Gunner as well.

So! Giant! Any ideas? Criticisms? Suggestions? Bad jokes? War stories?

2010-01-06, 05:19 PM
I would say DEX/WIS for Sharpshooter (but thats like ranger... :smallannoyed: ) so take DEX/INT and say it's like a Science you have to master. DEX/STR for Heavy Weapon.

Sharpshooter als /Leader and Heavy as /Controler.

For the Sharspshooter you may like to look at the Commanding Avenger but do it at range. Lasermarking enemys is something that comes to mind.
A Sharpshooter could maybe lower the minuses gained by Cover or Concealment or therelike, don't know if this is too powerfull...

An interesting thing is there Striker Feature... Maybe give the Sharpshooter something like ranged Sneak Attack and the Heavy a Ranged Flurry of Blows ?

2010-01-06, 05:24 PM
I like that you're already thinking about striker extra damage.

I'm thinking something like a focused shot for the Sharpshooter and some sort of a bonus for the Heavy. Both deal extra damage, but have different effects, one being accuracy the other being the bonus for allies.

See the reason I figured controller for Sharpshooter is because of all the negatives you can inflict with dazing shots and stuff, whereas Heavy's all about team unity and bonuses.

EDIT: But I like Dex/Str for the Heavy. Makes Half-Orc a viable option, and anything that makes Bullywugs and Kobolds good should be instantly vaporized.

2010-01-06, 05:28 PM
Mh. I was thinking more of BIIG HEAVY CANNONBALLS to shoot arroudn as a HEAVY so that you could hit more targets with one shoot but you need the STR or CON to handle such a big recoil.

But anyway, i'm going to bed know but please explain how you see the heavy one doing Leader type things.

Good night Gamernation

2010-01-06, 05:36 PM
Hm... That's a really interesting way to look at it.

See my idea for the Heavy was a guy up close with a shotgun type weapon, giving orders right alongside the warlord.

Then again you make a REALLY good point with that, since the Hand Cannon is one of the weapons I look forward to the most. Hm... Maybe they're both controllers, like a ranged avenger.

EDIT: Yeah, you won me over, I'm giving him a minor AOE ability instead, which my current DM has utilized several times. He calls it Spread damage, and it works really well.

2010-01-07, 07:47 AM
It could be explained as Shrapnell.

I definetly want a Untility

"Once per day, by spending 5 rounds you can lay down an explosive device that does xdx damage to nearby structures"

To destroy castles, bridges etc. Make it powerfull enough to do some damage but unuseable in combat.

Another thing i would like would be shooting mines. Something like

Main Attack : DEX vs AC (or REF, i don't know)
Hit : 1W Damage
Effect : One square adjacent to the enemy is mined. When an enemy enters that square he takes 1W Damage.
Heavy : Add your STR/CON Mod to the damage dealt by the mine and/or the main Attack.

This could be an Encounter

You could make the Heavy more of a AoE Damage Controler and the Sharshooter like a Status Effect leader with a few Leader like abilities.

Edit : Idea for an At-Will

Haft to the face
"You punch your enemy, using the haft of your gun"
Range Meele 1
Attack : Dex
Hit : 1W (goes to 2W in Epic), you puch your enemy 1 square
Heavy : You slide your enemy STR Mod/2 squares

2010-01-07, 06:27 PM
Yeah, I'm putting in the melee attack, so that they're not TOTALLY useless, and will be lacking Nimble Strike and Hit and Run.

Also, the idea for mines is cool, but stuff like that is gonna fall under Wondrous Items.

2010-01-14, 05:13 PM
Is there anything new ?