View Full Version : FFRPG: What should I know?

2010-01-12, 11:31 PM
Hello there.

I've been reading up on FFRPG (http://www.returnergames.com/ord/index.php/Third_Edition_Core_Rulebook), and have been considering running it for a bit. I have some experience with DnD (mainly 4e, though some 3.5, too), as well as a bit with non-WoD White Wolf systems (Exalted and 7th Sea) and more freeform systems (PDQ, Spirit of the Century). I'm mostly looking out for things in the system I should watch out for: little weaknesses in systems I should take care aren't exploited, etc. However, tips for GMing it would be appreciated as well.

I know about some of the more obvious things, like instruments being horrendously overpowered and easy to gain access to, and Galka being curiously optimized, but not much more than that.