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2010-01-14, 08:38 AM
Yes. I know what your saying. And before you go clinking the "delete thread" button at least read this first post to completion. If Im wrong then email me, then delete.

Anyway, yes this has been started before. Many people have wanted to do it but I spent two entire nights (no sleep included) searching for a D20 mass effect game. Or even a role playing pen and paper version of the mass effect universe at all. While I found many starts and many ideas, I never found one that was completed, start to finish, cleaned and play tested, and actually usable in a gaming environment. If you find one feel free to let me know. However, this is not the point of this thread. I have already begun developing a full wiki for this project and I plan on seeing it to full completion.

The point:

Sure there are plenty of other systems that might indeed work well; however, the bad thing about that is that they either use a backdrop I dont personally care about like star wars or even worse star trek (no offense trekkies). Or they just are a bunch of brand new ideas which are no doubt good but are just plain ideas that are brand new to me and all my players and nobody wants to spend a full week reading about a brand new universe that only exists in that one book. So we fall onto the issue at hand: Making a sci-fi universe that is saturated enough to have players enter the game seemlessly, but also has a hard core set in stone universe that is structurely sound enough to gather sufficient data for stats. Such as movement speeds and all that good stuff. Mass Effect fits perfectly. Not to mention I just plain love the game (and the books).

My Goal

I first begin by saying that this whole idea isn't new to me at all. I actually have my own start up company and I went to college for game development (Full Sail in Winter Park FL), so I at least know how to go about doing this. I am not some random fanboy who is just hoping to do something for sh*ts and giggles. Im going all the way. And yes all the way means the full thing. On completion, if the product is done well, I plan on attempting to sell the idea to Bioware to make a full, official, D20 Mass Effect sourcebook. Those who give a substantial amount of time and effort into the idea will be given credit and will be paid according to your amount of input. I will warn you that if you take this route you will be following my orders. And after completion everyone will sign the needed documents (my company will supply them for no fee) and we will move on from there. Even if we do not sell the product, it will still be usable in your own portfolios to get jobs out in the real world. Game designers like seeing these kind of things (Im not going into that right now however.).

The point of this long a*s message

I really hope nobody scrolled down and skipped the previous explanation. If you did, please go back and read it now. Ill wait.. ... ... Ok? Good. Now right now I am in need of good people who are willing to dedicate themselves to putting out a quality product. Im willing to take people of all shapes and sizes; however, I dont want people who are only going to half a*s it. If you have an idea, I dont want it. Dont just message me with "I want to see this in it". I really dont care. Trust me. What I want to see are people who not only have brilliant ideas but are willing to work as well. I came on here because the people who play d&d games can come up with some amazing stuff and thats why I want you a part of my team. Those who fit this description, email me at Robertowork@hotmail.com. Those who don't, please wait in line with the rest of you until our release. Thank you.:smallredface:

As I stated in the beginning, if this has already been done to 100% completion on such a mass scale as this. Email me at the email located above, slap me in the face, and then delete my useless thread. Also, people who post onto this thread, did not read this message and will therefore be ignored. Thank you and good night.

2010-01-14, 11:29 AM
If you're trying to make this system yourself, consider using Recharge magic (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/magic/rechargemagic.htm) for Biotics and Tech powers, then lower the cooldowns a bit to balance them with guns.

2010-01-14, 12:13 PM
There is a decent Mass Effect conversion (http://www.bozark.com/mass/x/downloads.html) for the D6 System. Even when you don't just want to use that (D6 is an okay game for SF, as it was developed for a Star Wars RPG), it is a good orientation for another version, or at least to evaluate what was made well, and what not.
Otherwise I would probably suggest to sue SWSE as a base for your game, and just replace the Force Powers with fitting Biokinetics powers.

And yes, this is the lazy people solution.

If you really start from scratch, and only use D20 as a skelleton, I'll offer my help. I have some experiences in writing conversions and adapting D20 to various stuff (see the serpents and sewers wiki in the sig), and would offer my assistance, for writing up the various species, and character creation stuff, for example.

2010-01-14, 08:52 PM
As I said, those who wish to take part seriously email me. No work will be done on this website so replying to this thread will do little for me. Yes I am starting from scratch, and no I am not using another system as a baseline besides the standard d20 system.

2010-01-16, 07:52 PM
We are still looking for participants. Come join us.