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2010-01-16, 12:17 AM
I wanted to try to make a d20 rewrite. Basically, my idea was that d20 would be primarily based on feats and skills. Abilities would have an increased importance, to the point that MAD would be really important.

Here are the basics of how it is going to work. Hopefully, I can make it clear.

This will use the 3d6 system variant.


Each class gains a number of skill points at first level equal to (X+int modifier)*4 (minimum 4) at first level, and X+int modifier (minimum 1) at each level, where X is a number from 1 to 4, depending on the class. For instance, if your character has an int score of 13 and is an expert (a 4 for X), then they get 20 skill points at first

You can invest a number of skill points into a skill equal to (1+(your level+(skill ability modifier (if positive)))/2) round down. For example Tordek, a level 1 fighter, has a strength score of 16. He can initially invest 3 skill points into the Axes skill.

As usual, class skills give a bonus equal to the number of skill points invested, and cross-class skills give a bonus equal to half this number.

Training hard:
However, you can break this limit through hard work. If you invest skill points equal to 2+the number of times that you have done this to that particular skill, you gain a +1 bonus if it is a class skill. If it is a cross class skill, you must do this twice to gain a bonus.

Fort (Con)/Ref (Dex; armor check penalty)/Will (Wis) save
Weapons (lots of different skills; armor check penalty(?))
Spell schools
... Need to think more about noncombat

Just an idea I had in my head.

2010-01-16, 12:49 AM
This is... interesting, to say the least. I like the idea of a (weapon type) skill, but think that classes should have "base skills" and "extended skills."
Base skills would function as normal, but extended skills would get a +1 bonus/2 class levels, because it's hard to be a monk and not be good at balancing, and it's hard to be a bard and not be good at playing music.
Good idea?