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2010-01-17, 01:01 AM
Alright so I was on the /tg/ on 4chan and some one created a medabots thread and one of the post was how /tg/ should make a medabots game. About last year I was actually working on a medabots game (oh though the files are gone) but it never really sparked anyone's interest. So I made a thread about me creating it.

So I'm going to be posting it and it's updates here and I`ll also be looking for beta testers :smallredface: So OpenRPG users speak up.

2010-01-17, 01:09 AM
If this isn't pen and paper, it should probably go in the arts and crafts section.

2010-01-17, 01:12 AM
Well you`ll have little pieces you move around and such.. So I guess maybe your right. >_> Aaw man this means I spamed basically.

2010-01-17, 01:16 AM
Get the banhammer ready!!!

2010-01-17, 01:23 AM
Silence black and blue deck user!
No but seriously let's get onto topic..

2010-01-17, 06:39 AM
well.. if you are talking about to make a medabots d20 system.. I would be very interested in helping out as much as I can :D

2010-01-17, 04:17 PM
I was actually coming up with my own kinda of system.. The thing I most need more then likely is an editor. I`ll write the combat rules tonight and make the first "starter kit"