View Full Version : Minions/BBEG help(players keep out)

2010-01-18, 03:17 PM
Tal, if I find out you're reading this, rocks will fall. They may even fall in the game.

That said, I'm planning a Little Bad Evil Guy Dread Necromancer for my current campaign. He's borderline insane and more than a bit of an idiot, and he's cowardly. His plan is essentially waves of undead. Therefore, my primary build for him is lots of zombie-boosting feats. The question is, how far is too far? He already builds them with the Dread Necromancer benefits in a Desecrated area, and he needs Corpsecrafter/Bolster Resistance, so we're looking at +6 HP/HD, +4 Str/Dex. That's already a serious boost. If it were just for the final battle, I wouldn't mind, but they'll have to face quite a few undead encounters before that, and I'd like to be able to throw more than a single opponent at them. Meanwhile, I hate making a major opponent not have something as valuable as Destructive Retribution. So I guess what I'm asking is, how much of a boost can I give the minions before the CR system starts weeping in the corner?

I plan for him to be ECL 9-11, Tomb Tainted instead of Necropolitan, and I have a fairly decently optimized group who will be facing his minions intermittently from 6-9.