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2010-01-19, 12:59 AM

OK, long story short, I started a picture of V*, but there are many things bugging me (which I cannot identify). And I need help to fix it.

If you have any other comments (other than "DUDE, V IS A GUY") please feel free to post them here as well! :smallsmile:

Help needed in:
Image 4

does the neck look awkward?
do you feel the arms are too long/large in proportion to the rest of the body?

Image 3

Do you think the neck is too thick?
Does the whole body (what you can see of it) feel too large in proportion to the head?

Image 2
And what background I should use too (right now I'm thinking of fire and smoke in the background: the aftermath of something, burning cottages maybe. But I've never drawn a background for a picture so I'm not sure how to proceed...)

Refer to image 1 (under archives)

How do I draw the hem of the robe? Should I just crop it out and run away from my problems?
In fact, the hands (currently partially obscured by magic) too, and the sleeves - I know that the way they're positioned right now isn't nice-looking, but can't think of how I should redo them.

Known Bugs:

mouth is off to one side - i'm thinking of leaving it there, makes V more smirky

And I'll probably turn this into a personal art thread thing, once that's done.

Current status:








alternative idea (flattened the breasts)

*"Dude, V is a GUY": I view V as male as well, though with V's new hairstyle I am leaning towards androgynous again. But females are more enjoyable to draw. (also I can't draw men)

2010-01-19, 11:36 AM
Smirky mouth is good. :smallamused: I love the mouth.

The problem that jumps out at me the most is that the face seems too short; try moving the mouth and the chin down, and moving the hairline up.

And yeah, I think the neck could do with being a little narrower. Possibly the whole head needs moving down, because the place the neck joings the shoulders is looking a little odd too. :smallconfused:

I think you were going the right direction with the robe hem in #1. :smallsmile:

Kara Kuro
2010-01-19, 01:39 PM
Very nice, it seems to be coming along fine.

Your apprehension around drawing hands is understandably, they are quite difficult to draw (although I'll always find feet harder - toes are so damn awkward). But, in all honesty, especially since you're working digitally at least get some sketches in their place - if for no other reason than practice. Then you could choose later what to do with them, whether to fade them slightly behind magic or just obscure them partly.

2010-01-20, 01:01 AM
Thanks Zan and Kara!

Kara: For the hands my problem is not so much with drawing them, because I have my own hands and a camera for reference, but how to pose them (incl. the arm too) - right now there seems to be some kind of imbalance somehow...

Zan: I'm going to shift the eyes down a bit, and lengthen the chin, and see how it goes. I drew a new sketch on top of the old one - what do you think of the neck?


Will do lines again to see how it goes.