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2010-01-19, 03:49 AM
Ok, here goes.
I've long been a Forgotten Realms player due to its large background, and zounds of deities.
Taking the step into 4'th ed. had however left many of the old and dear deities abandoned witout explanation of their fall, specifically my all-time favourite; Shaundakul the old god of taking nice walks, thumping ambushers, and halping change carrige wheels.

So does anyone know of a deity update project, a domain conversion table, or will I have to wing it?
Reason why I'd prefer a table of some sort is I'm my groups regular GM and the guy we have trying out I a bit shaky on it, so I'd like to keep the homebrews/houserules as clean and understandable as possible.

2010-01-19, 03:51 AM
Spellplague killed 'em off, apparently. You may have to wing it. :smalleek:

2010-01-19, 04:53 AM
Some things, like Channel Divinity, might have to be homebrewed.

Still, if you want to keep some of the deities that were "killed off" it is certainly possible.

For example, the Channel Divinity feat of Sehanine from 4E core, could be used for Eilistraee. Especially after she took over Vhaerun's portfolio. Moon goddess, elven goddess, a deity of thieves, etc. She could be described as having been preserved and resurrected after her apparent death.

The Chosen ability for Sehanine from Divine Power could also be used.

For Shaundakul- same sort of thing, with another appropriate deity from core.