View Full Version : [3.5] ToB Prestige Class/General Hombrewing Help

Dusk Eclipse
2010-01-19, 06:39 PM
Well this will be my second journey into the realms of homebewing and I want to ask for some help.

As I was looking over Bloodclaw master which IIRC according to the fluff given epitomize the Tiger Claw discipline I was wondering If I could make one for the shadow hand discipline ( My personal favorite)

I stormbrained some abilities that (at least to me) seems ti fit the concept of the discipline.

Hide in Plain Sight
Sneak attack progression
Hide and/or Move silently bonus based on class level
ISome kind of teleportation (this is mostly because I love the Shadow X line of teletransportation manoubers)

So what wise advice does the playground have?

2010-01-19, 07:31 PM
That would be Swordsage/rogue with a one level dip in shadowdancer :)