View Full Version : [nWod] DanceFight aspect for zombies

2010-01-20, 02:46 AM
Ok, so here I writting up some zombies for a nWoD changeling game,
these zombies arte Fae aspected, so ... well it's changeling... it's Not Ment to Be Sane!

[To any who doesn't get the reference: Uncroaked Units can Dancefight if lead by a Master-Class Croakamancer (http://www.erfworld.com/book-1-archive/?px=%2F127.jpg)]

zombies with this merit may dancefight, if and only if lead by a MasterCLass Necromancer with at least 3 dots in Expression.
Leading a Dancefight is an instant action for the necromancer, that must be done every turn the dancefight continues.
This aspect confers 3 benifits:
and duck 2, 3, and swerve 2, 3, and again: Dancing zombies gain a defence equal to their while engages in a dance fight.
and together now: lurch, lurch, wack: zombies gain a bonus to any attacks, equal to their finesse.
Dance Deul: Dancing Zombies may participate in a dancing duel as per the normal rules, with the following exception:
contersed action: Necromancer: Dex+Expession (specially dance applies) +1 for each zombie participating
vs combined Dex+expession of opposed party.
if Zombies win this contested action, opposed party must spend the rest of the scene fleeing in terror (/envy).
if Zombies loose they become disenhearted, and spend the rest of the day trying to regain their Mojo. (during this time they will little but stand around in groups moaning about how they were just having an 'off' day)
this aspect is worth 5 creation points.