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2010-01-21, 11:51 AM
Hello all !

I am currently making the first part of what may or may not become a long lived Campaign in the Forgotten Realms .

So far I have made a small intro with the city of Luskan and Waterdeep at odds because of trade routes . I am just wondering on how to build on this , and what type of Adventures/Adventure Sites would the Pc's go on/to in hopes of Solving/Finding the obviously evil things the City of Luskan would do in hopes of getting an Upper hand on the City of Waterdeep ?

2010-01-21, 02:42 PM
Actually, Luskan hates neverwinter even more. But anyways, outside the city, who knows, just read the campaign book (it gives you ideas). In the city, you have the five pirate houses and the host tower.

Your players might be agents for nasher or piergeiron, and they could go to luskan to infiltrate the houses or the tower.

2010-01-21, 05:31 PM
-A series of encounters, starting first by guarding a caravan along it's journey. -Then in a town vs a group of Luskan spies (they report to bosses when caravans are leaving and ripe for attack).
-Players then head towards a luskan fort, first fighting a Luskan assault group in the wilderness (without need to guard caravan).
-Players attack Luskan fort.

Throw in some random encounters, and you've got enough material for half a dozen (or more) game sessions.

2010-01-21, 05:58 PM
Thanks for the Ideas , although I am more for the complex political situations myself , I was stumped about what to do for this particular Campaign ....I like the fact that Luskan is ruled by the Evil Arcane Brotherhood .