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2010-01-24, 01:20 AM
as the title says, does anyone know any good map creators. Free preferably. At the moment i've been using excel and dungeon tile mapper, but such things take time, and are limited in what they can do. Then i use paint and save the image as png or jpeg and upload it to photobucket before putting it on the PbP game.

What I'm looking for:
flexibility/variety in tiles, such as ground, floors, walls, etc.
Easy numbering A-Z and 1-26 (or more)
easy transferring to a PbP game as a file.

I've looked at RPTool maps but im not too big of a fan for it, but maybe thats just me. So does anyone know of any good ones?

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2010-01-24, 01:22 AM
I don't recall what kind of tiles it has for the purposes to dungeons and the like, but I'd see what Autorealm has to offer. I mainly used it for continent and world designing, so I don't quite remember if it has more dungeony stuff as well.

2010-01-24, 01:43 AM
I use the GIMP (http://gimp.org). It's a photoshop replacement, not a map creator, but I made my own textures and tiles and I just drag and drop them in.

2010-01-24, 02:13 AM
I use Autorealm as well. Works alright, there may be a more streamlined system out there, but it's done me fine for battle maps.

2010-01-24, 06:52 AM
Another one for AutoREALM. It's good for combat maps as well as travelling maps. Takes a little getting used to, but overall it's pretty good.

The different layers you can put things on are a good feature, as you can then have a player map and DM map all in one file, and just toggle what layers show when printing.

The only possible problem is that it doesn't have a fabulous range of textures. There are some different 2-colour shading options but most of the time your areas are going to be in one flat colour.

2010-01-24, 07:01 AM
Not free, but you could take a look at Campaign Cartographer if you are willing to splash out money. It's really good for big maps and very useful to have for when you're starting a new campaign in the same world, or wanting to look at a different area of your world, etc.

2010-01-24, 10:34 AM
I third Autorealm. It is a little confusing initially, but once you figure it out, you'll wish every program works like it.

2010-01-24, 12:37 PM
I use Gametable and the 'export map' function. Very simple and easy to learn program that can easily be expanded.

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2010-01-25, 07:56 AM
RPtools MAPtools is great, I almost always use it.

2010-01-25, 09:01 AM
RPtools MAPtools is great, I almost always use it.

There was a link missing there. :smalltongue:

Solving that:

2010-01-25, 09:16 AM
RPtools MAPtools is great, I almost always use it.

Our DM uses that too. And to prove how much more geeky we are (we've got 5 guys working for IBM, and a metabolicist/geneticist in the group) we've got a projector hooked up to the player laptop so everyone can see the map and surroundings.
Works a treat.