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2010-01-24, 11:28 AM
I recently came up with an idea using the spell point and recharge variants from unearthed arcana. The idea is that you can use magic all day but have to recharge after using stronger magics.

Some lesser magics would also be usable all day, like a warlock's invocations. These would be simple abilities, like eldritch blast, charnel touch, the dragonfire adept's breath weapon.

What i need help with is the invocations, spells, the spell pool, and the rate of recharge. What would be balanced and how to make it work.

This idea just popped into my head so please don't comment on the lack of information, i will edit as i make changes to the idea.

2010-01-24, 11:29 AM
Reserved for your ideas and suggestions

2010-01-24, 09:36 PM
I know you didn't really want comments on lack of information but generally we can't be much help without at least some crunchy to work off.

But as far as spell points go, i find the setup for 3.5 psionics along with the augmenting powers as a good place to start

2010-01-25, 11:35 AM
I say use one of the variant cost systems on this board, and have spells require "recharging" after each use, so your lowest level spells are available all the time, but higher level spells strain you slightly.

So idea: each time you cast a spell of a certain level you have to wait 1d4+the spells level's rounds before having that spell level available to cast again. You reduce this by 1/4 of your class level.

So, for example, Hennet the 10th level sorcerer casts a fireball, and rolls a 3. The total time he has to wait before casting a 3rd level spell is 3+3-2, or 4 rounds. Next round he casts a dimension door to avoid being charged, and is lucky and rolls a 1, meaning he has to wait a mere 3 rounds before he can use 4th level spells.

Or instead you lose your highest level spell level. Subsequent castings lose you another spell level and the time to get them all back is the two times added together.

Use the first one.

2010-01-25, 02:11 PM
I have thought about an Fatigue/Save mechanism for spell casters somewhat based on True20 power mechanism.
I have never tried this so can not really say if it works in real play, but hey that's what you get for free. :smallwink:

After a spell is cast make a concentration check vs. 10+spell level.
Success - no fatigue
Failed by 5 or less - a non cumulative Fatigued condition and a cumulative -1 to further concentration checks every time a spell is cast.
Failed by more than 5 - Exhausted condition and -5 on concentration, another failed roll and fall unconscious
No matter what the result the spell does succeed and the effects go into affect immediately after wards.

For example a 3th level Wizard with concentration of +7
Casts Mage Armor - Concentration DC 11 rolls 7+7 and makes it.
Casts Scorching Ray - Concentration DC 12 rolls 3+7 and fails. Fatigued and -1 concentration checks
Casts Magic Missiles - Concentration DC 11 rolls 15+6 and makes it
Casts Flaming Sphere - Concentration DC 12 rolls 2+6 and fails. Already Fatigued but now -2 on concentration checks.
Casts Glitterdust - Concentration DC 12 rolls 5+5 and fails. Now -3 to concentration checks.
Casts Magic Missiles - Concentration DC 11 rolls 10+5 and makes it.
Casts True Strike - Concentration DC 11 rolls 5+5 and fails. Now -4 to concentration checks.
Casts Summon Monster II - Concentration DC 12 rolls 3+3 and fails by 6. Exhausted and now -5 on concentration checks.
Casts Open - Concentration DC 10 rolls 12+2 and makes it. But still looses a point for concentration an it is -6.
Casts Obscuring Mist - Concentration DC 11 rolls 8+1 and fails to fall unconscious.