View Full Version : Mouth of Mageguild (3.5)

2010-01-25, 06:58 AM
During my exploration of "what would lvl 20 wizards do" I realised, that most of them would just play with their own demilpanes, not really concerned with "boring old material plane".
Still, here and there, their homeworld may visit a real threat (or entertaining one) and IMO should guild gave a "Mouth of Mageguild" which would accept and filter all requests regarding Mageguilds services. (at least those high-lvl requests)
What would this "postman" look like? I was thinking ghost/etheral creature, which could not be dispelled as easily (generally vandalism-protected ATM machine, only that it issues high lvl mageguild services, not money).
What would this Mouth of mageguild be?

2010-01-25, 07:48 AM
An apprentice of the guild, who resents having to spend time on duty on the "boring old Material Plane" instead of poking reality in the eye from an extraplanar laboratory. He relieves his frustration by being pompous and demanding to the "mortal" rulers he means, acting for all the world as if he were the mighty master mage instead of merely borrowing their authority.