View Full Version : Quick 4E question on size categories.

2010-01-28, 02:00 PM
What's the difference between Medium and Small sized PCs?

I think I recall reading somewhere that being small was -Strength, +AC, or something?

Is that nonexistant, in another edition, or what? Thanks in advance.

2010-01-28, 02:08 PM
Small cannot wield two-handed weapons that lack the "small" quality, and must wield Versatile weapons with both hands (and without +1 damage)

That's it.

2010-01-28, 02:09 PM
Thank you. I knew that much, but thought there was more. All cleared up now.

Kurald Galain
2010-01-28, 02:09 PM
No, you're thinking of 3E.

The penalties for being small are found in the PHB next to the halfling race: they mildly restrict what weapons you can use, and are otherwise completely nonexistent.