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2010-01-29, 06:58 AM
Simple question what do you do to change it. I'm aware that for some classes it's a bad thing but I know what I want to be. I need to change my bard from chaotic good (a vigilante) to neutral good(a silent do gooder) So what do I do?

2010-01-29, 07:17 AM
Uhm, how about just writing "neutral good" on your character sheet?

Duos Greanleef
2010-01-29, 07:22 AM
I always warned my DM ahead of time that I would be changing my alignment. And he would start giving options in game that would test my alignment. Usually I was going from lawful to neutral. Once I made enough tough in-game decisions for my new alignment, I could write it down on my sheet.

2010-01-29, 07:29 AM
Just slowly start adding neutral good tendancies to you character's personality. When you DM notices, it's time to write it on your character sheet.

2010-01-29, 07:30 AM
Alignment: chaotic neutral good

2010-01-29, 07:36 AM
Alright thanks guys and gals.

2010-01-29, 08:02 AM
There are spells like Mind Rape to change it, but it is best to just do it by telling DM and acting how you wish to be.

2010-01-29, 08:46 AM
If you've picked a race with an alignment subtype, and you want to change the subtype (since you suffer penalties based on your subtype) then there are rituals in Savage Species for changing it.

Say, if you were playing a fiend, who wanted to cease having the Evil subtype, you'd seek out a Good cleric who knows the ritual (they only need to be 8th level to cast it)

There is a risk of the character dying in the process of the ritual.

2010-01-29, 11:58 AM
Atonement can change the alignment of willing subjects, if it's an in-game thing.