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2010-01-30, 07:33 PM
Has anyone on this forum ever wanted to mak a comic? Similar to OOTS, ie Breaking the fourth wall. Has anyone here made character in the same style as OOTS and wished they would be used for more then just an Avvy. Has anyone here...ah screw it.

What im looking to do is make a comic similar to oots in the idea of, similar animation style and breaking the fourth wall. But i want to invitethe OOTs fan community to design 1+ characters to involve in the comic.

Yes you heard me. Sadly i only have Inkscape so ill only really be able to take them in that format unless there extremely simple.

So in short what i need you to do is. Make a character Write a personality and any other relevent information you can think of then send it to me ootsfan@live.ca

Please attach the inkscape file so say you GnomeWizard.svg or something and where you type add the personality and other relevent information that is all. People who enjoy writing may also email me plot hooks and other things that they would like to see.

I will start out with one and if this shows interest i will be making more. At the bottom of the comic you will be given recognition beside your character name, and yes some of the character will be made by me.

But i repeat you will be given recognition for your character, unless you ask not to be.

EDIT: Of course if any of what im doing is illegal or any some such please tell me and i will immediatly take this down.

2010-01-30, 08:04 PM
Illegal? I highly doubt it, we wouldn't have the Fan Comic board if they weren't permitted.
However, I am worried by your request for an .svg file. I can understand a creative block, but you would surely need no more than a detailed description of a character. Requesting the .svg implies to me that you plan on reusing other people's artwork throughout your comic. If this is not the case, please, correct me, but I am somewhat suspicious at the moment.

Oh, and starting a fancomic with the premise of being "similar to oots" is often a poor move. If we want to read something like OotS, we can read OotS. It's right here on this site. It's usually a good idea to strive for originality, and give your comic a flair that will keep your readers attracted to it. :smallsmile:

Emperor Ing
2010-01-30, 08:09 PM
An OotS fan comic using The Giant's art style? It's been done.

A lot.

In fact, it's been done so many times we keep 'em all indexed. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=126060)

2010-01-30, 08:10 PM
Ok maybe i should reword that i mean it more as the breaking the fourth wall, i mean nothing of there being a lich or gates or even a similar setting.

The reason i asked for the .svg is for the people that already have excatly what they want made, it is not because of a creative block it is as i said to have the community involved, yes i was planning to have there character that thy sent to me involved but you are correct a detailed description sent to me would be enough, however its less likely to be made, because everyone likes things differant so to not get bored id only be able to choose the descriptions id really like, and then we would end up with the same style/type of characters over and over and over.

Emperor Ing
2010-01-30, 08:14 PM
...so you wanna make a comic based on other people's characters?

Sounds like you got a solid case of creative block to me.

Still, I recommend you at least get used to using Inkscape for OotS style, and then check out other people's already existing comics, for example my comic Well That Was Unexpected, link to it in the shiny banner my signature. [/shamelessselfpromotion]

2010-01-30, 08:17 PM
No no not just other peoples, mine will be in there to.

Emperor Ing
2010-01-30, 08:25 PM
...that really won't work. Just about everyone here draws the artwork of their own comic. Everyone else does sprite comics, and even some of those people use sprites they've made themselves. Few people if any would give you their SVGs so you can steal their inkscape templates. It's a nuisance on their part and it's really really lazy on your part.

TL;DR, draw your own stuff.

You can use other characters for inspiration, nothing wrong with that, just please no Mary Sues (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Sue) or complete character crossovers.

2010-01-30, 08:41 PM
Ach the whole point was to make a communital commic but whatever nevermind stupid idea.

Maximum Zersk
2010-01-30, 08:46 PM
Wait... isn't In the Playground by Elrond the same idea?

Darklord Bright
2010-01-30, 08:50 PM
Agreeing with the notion that not only has this idea been done before, but it's probably best if you were to draw it your own like it did - there's no reason why anyone should need raw .svgs.

2010-01-30, 10:00 PM
I've done a comic like this before as well. If you want people's characters, that's pretty simple, just ask them to post their preferred avatar. Then redraw them yourself in your own style.

Gathering up and maintaining interest is a pretty difficult thing to do IMO; either you need really good art, good update speed, interesting plots, funny jokes... And it's really easy to burnout and have writers block. Unless you're a talent with lots of creativity.

I wish you luck, but I'm telling you, it's hard work. And at times, it's a little frustrating if you're not getting all the positive feedback you were imagining in your head.

2010-01-30, 10:30 PM
Wait, what? :smallconfused: