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2010-01-31, 12:18 PM
Skill Specialization [General Feat]
You become skilled at doing a specific type of thing
Prerequisites:Skill focus
Benefits: Chose a skill then chose specific action of that skill, you gain +5 bonus when you do that specific action.
Normal: All actions of a skill gain the same bonus

Exp: Fighter Tom picks Craft: Weaponsmithing, then picks Short swords. When making Short swords Tom gains a +5 bonus to his craft skill.

Jane the Cleric picks Knowledge Religion, then picks Undead. When making a knowledge religion check about undead she gains +5 bonus

Special: At DM discretion the player can focus even more (Tom chose Mithral Short swords, Jane chose Vampires) to gain a higher bonus but at a penalty to the skill. Normally +10, +15, +20 ect. penalizes -2, -6, -10 ect.'

What do you think? Anyone want to help me with the wording in benefits?

2010-01-31, 12:37 PM
This is an exceptionally weak feat with an already weak prerequisite. I think it would be better as a houserule:

Expertise: By sacrificing 1 skill point upon leveling up, you may choose to specialize in a class skill. Chose an action or subset of skills related to any one class skill you possess. Whenever you attempt the chosen action, you gain a +3 Expertise bonus to the skill check.

If you sacrifice multiple skill points upon leveling up, you may specialize multiple times. You may not choose a specific action multiple times, but you may choose smaller and smaller subsets (Knowledge [religion: undead] and Knowledge [religion: undead: vampires]). Expertise bonuses stack if both would apply.

2010-01-31, 12:38 PM
I use a similar thing with knowledges only that costs 2 skill points.

The way you've worded it, ironically makes it more abusable. For instance, what is the sole use of certain skills to most people, is actually just one of it's aspects, such as Spot opposing Hide...

Unless that was your intention, you've got some serious advantage to be had in the Stealth, Perception and Jump skills, plus possibly others.

You also haven't stated if this bonus stacks with skill focus [odd thing to bother with but it's a valid question]