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2010-02-02, 05:28 PM
Well Estrella War is only a week away. I was wondering if anyone else is going to be there.

I'll be flying down this Saturday and do some stuff in Phoenix before the war starts. I'll be at the site from Wednesday night to Sunday. If anyone else is going maybe we could meet up for a little while.

It is SCA related for those that don't know.

2010-02-02, 06:07 PM
It sounds fun, but I think I'm going to be passing.

Have fun though. Go kill some outlanders for me. Even if you are an outlander (they'll never see it coming) :smallsmile:.

Renegade Paladin
2010-02-02, 07:11 PM
Wish I could, but Pennsic is quite enough for me. Though Pennsic is the same time as GenCon this year. :smallfrown:

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Renegade Paladin
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Renegade Paladin
2010-02-03, 12:15 PM
Heh. Maybe I should have gone to Estrella War. I woke up this morning dreaming of melee drills. :smalltongue:

Hell Puppi
2010-02-03, 03:17 PM
Gonna miss it this year...that makes 2 years in a row! And I'm only about 1 hours away for cripes sake.

I think it's because I stopped fighting. I miss hitting things in the head with crossbows.

I have a group of friends that are going though. I might hit it up an Saturday and say hello :smallbiggrin: