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2010-02-03, 02:15 PM
Hey guys my Ranger/Scout/Dervish died and I was wondering if you guys could help me with some of this build. Yes gestalt is allowed and so is dual progression of PrC's.

Gestalt Saint Dragonwrought kobold

Buy off +2 LVL adjustment

C-Cleric 5/ Bone Knight 10/ Ordained Champion 10// Ranger 5/ Master of Many forms 7/ Natures Warrior 1/ Warshaper 3/ Natures Warrior 2/ Comtemplative 1/ Divine Oracle 2/ Master of Many Forms 2/ Warshaper 2/ Natures Warrior 2/

For feats I would go in this order:

1: dragonwrought kobold (age to venerable for +3 to all mental stats)
3: Alertness
6: Endurance
9: Combat Reflex's
12: Frozen Wildshape
15: Defensive Sweep
18: Natural spell
21: Skill Focus [Knowledge religion]
24: Divine Metamagic: Extend
27: Persist Spell
BD: Extend Spell
BD: extra turning

Travel, Planning, Undeath, Knowledge

For game flavour and because DM won't shoot it down right off the bat is that I am doing extend spell and DMM that because it "is training for Persist Spell" so when I go to "extend" standard party buffs for the day I can cheese that tactic instead of persist and because I am DMM extend I can "learn the technique to persist spells). The rest of the feats are for a Cryo-Hydra that I can use natural spell in. I think I can cast cleric spells with Natural spell.

I think with the class's I maintain the Bone Knight immunities even while wild shaped and that is a great bonus because when I go into cryo-hydra.

Also the Ranger is the wildshape variant and the PHII variat to get rid of the animal companion and the combat style. I was wondering if there was a ranger variant that can get me an extra feat. I think it is in CC but I dont remember for sure. If not I can try to use the ranger variant in the CW.

Also the variants for the c-cleric are the following:
Divine restoration (give up knowledge domain) I am not going to be using Knowledge Devotion unless I can fit it in there somewhere. Probably as an epic level feat or just use planar touchstone to gain the another domain that has good spells but crappy power and sacrifice that for Divine restoration and use Knowledge domain for Knowledge Devotion.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys :)