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2010-02-10, 02:22 AM
Spring-Loaded Hand-Crossbow
A gnome invention, the spring-loaded Hand-Crossbow (SLHB) was created to make use of the power and range of a crossbow, but harnessing the speed of a normal bow. Similar to the repeating crossbow, the SLHB was designed to hold a cartridge of bolts, rather than a single one, and shoot them with ease. Unlike the repeating crossbows, though, the SLHB loads itself.

A SLHB cartridge holds 6 Hand-crossbow sized bolts. Loading a cartridge into a SLHB is a full round action, and loading a cartridge with bolts is a full-round action as well (because of this, most who utilize the SLHB carry at least one full cartridge in reserves as well)

Due to the ease of shooting a SLHB, iterative attacks and feats that allow you to make additional attacks based on speed are altered slightly. Someone who is proficient with the SLHB only takes a -3 penalty on iterative attacks, rather than the normal -5. As well, for any feat that allows him to make additional attacks, reduce the penalty by half (for example, rapid shot's penalty is reduced to a -1 instead of -2.) This is because a trained user can simply pull the trigger with a slight muscle movement, rather than a whole swing, so it's easier to be accurate.

As well, due to ease, a proficient user can utilize a reckless attack. As a swift action, the user of the SLHB may make a single attack with it. However, this shot has no focus or thought into the action, and so the attack takes a -20 penalty on the shot, and the user cannot do any form of precision damage with the attack. The user may only use this function of the weapon when he makes no other attacks with the SLHB this round (otherwise, he would take the focused shot.)

The SLHB is an exotic weapon. It has the same damage and range as a hand-crossbow. It costs 450 GP, and comes with one empty cartridge for bolts. It weighs the same as a normal Hand Crossbow (+1 lb for if the cartridge is loaded.) Additional cartridges cost 5 GP and weigh 1 lb a piece. Bolts cost the same as the usual Hand-crossbow bolts. A user who hopes to become proficient with the SLHB must first be proficient with a normal Hand Crossbow.

Concept - Simply put, gunslingers.

2010-02-11, 02:46 PM
Give it to a sneak attacker, and fire away. Nasteh.

I like the concept, and the stats, but not the iterative attacks mechanic.

In order to make up for the extra power, I'd simply say that there's a penalty decrease for Rapid Shot/Multi-shot etc, essentially requiring the feats but rewarding you for it by decreasing penalties by 2 or something.