View Full Version : Demon-Slaying Wizard [4E]

2010-02-10, 10:11 AM
So I had an idea, the other night, about a wizard becoming a demon-slayer. The vague concept revolved around a Genasi student at a prestigious arcane academy finding out about the staff's tendency for bargaining with fiends, getting tangled up in it, running, and then deciding to return and save the rest of the students (after growing in power, doing research, and finding a team).

For fluff reasons, I would like him to be a Cindersoul Genasi (his "tangle" with the staff left him corrupted by dark energies, turning him into an Abyssal Genasi). Also ties in with the demon-slaying, what with the Sense the Corrupted feat and potentially the Genasi-specific demon-hunter PP (though I know there are a few more out there).

Anyone have ideas on how to build this guy? Make him effective against demons and their ilk as an arcane caster?