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2010-02-12, 03:34 AM
Heya, Playgrounders; been a while since I've been here...

So, I've been spending my Saturdays playing Exalted, a game in which the player characters are imbued with the power of - ahh, just read here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exalted) if you don't know about it by now.

Been having rather a lot of fun playing, too. Now, here's the reason behind this thread...

I want to make a short comic that explains my character's backstory. I've already got the backstory more-or-less fleshed out, but a written description of a character's backstory and a comic version of the same have to be handled in entirely different ways, y'know?

That's where you, the Playground, come in - see, having only a little experience with making comics, I'd really like your assistance in transcribing it over. Don't worry, this isn't an art request; I'll be handling all the drawing myself... I'm just not sure what to draw.

You guys interested?

2010-02-12, 04:51 AM
Shichirou, The Fist of HeavenIkezuki was a Wood-aspected Outcaste living in the Scavenger Lands. A master of the Orgiastic Fugitive style of martial arts, Ikezuki often did things he would later regret in his drunken stupors, and the creation of Shichirou was one of those things. Shichirou was Ikezuki's seventh illegitimate son, born to a minor peasant-woman whose form had pleased Ikezuki's eyes one night. Ikezuki would keep a distant eye on Shichirou, just in case the dragon's blood would manifest itself in him. Even so, the stipends that he sent Shichirou's mother were far less than what Ikezuki spent on his own self-indulgence.

Growing up, Shichirou was led to believe that he would one day Exalt, and then his father would come and teach him the powerful martial arts style he had mastered. As the years passed, however, Shichirou showed no sign of inheriting his father's talents. Ikezuki began to watch more closely, sure that the Exaltation would happen any day now. However, his appearances in Thorns disturbed Shichirou, and the boy found himself resenting Ikezuki.

At age eighteen, Ikezuki came to his son and offered to teach Shichirou the techniques of his martial arts style. Shichirou surprised even himself by refusing his father's offer. Ikezuki left without a word, and Shichirou never saw him again. Shichirou declared that he would teach himself the martial arts, becoming a talented brawler in his own right. At age twenty, Shichirou joined the guardsmen of Thorns.

When Shichirou was twenty-five, Mask of Winters attacked Thorns. The guardsmen could only hold back the shambling hordes for so long, and then everything was chaos. After what seemed like only a few seconds, Shichirou's head cleared, and he found that he had grabbed a few possessions (not all of them his) and fled. It was then that he saw a horde of zombies bearing down on a group of would-be refugees, and he hurled himself at them. He only realized he was bathed in golden light after the seventh zombie had been dispatched beneath his glowing fists. The refugees started to run off, but Shichirou still had some fight left in him. He tackled the nearest monstrosity in sight, only to recognize a familiar face...

It was after his father's disappearance that Shichirou had first met Kaminari, another child of the Dragon-bloods. She had been born to a pair of Air-aspected Dynasts, each of significant breeding, yet she had not taken her Second Breath either. Nevertheless, her lack of Exaltation did not keep Kaminari from seeing Shichirou as her inferior.

It was very strange, then, seeing her atop a towering undead, as though it was her steed; she was looking deathly pale, as well... before he had any more time to think about it, she was bearing down on him, attempting to crush him with a massive hammer of soulsteel. They traded a few blows, but before the fight could be finished, Shichirou realized that the refugees still needed help.

The next thing he knew, Shichirou was in a small fishing port a distance away from Thorns, helping the refugees to get settled. They did not recognize him as the Anathema who had saved them.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's no best-seller, but that's his backstory. Any suggestions for how to put this into comic format?

The Demented One
2010-02-12, 01:06 PM
Not sure how to carry it over to comic format, but him learning Orgiastic Fugitive style should definitely get its own comic. Definitely.

2010-02-12, 01:23 PM
Not sure how to carry it over to comic format, but him learning Orgiastic Fugitive style should definitely get its own comic. Definitely.Err, well, he didn't; he didn't even have an enlightened Essence until when he Exalted, at which point Shichirou's self-teaching turned into Solar Hero Style. As amusing as I find Orgiastic Fugitive style to be, Shichirou did not want to learn it; it would just be one more tie to his father.