View Full Version : PC Problem (Possible Virus)

2010-02-15, 11:17 AM
Hey guys! I'm having a problem with my computer lately, and I think it might be a virus of some sort. My internet connection is active, but now I am unable to access websites that are connected to Yahoo!, I can't login on my Yahoo Messenger anymore, and I can't login on Navy Field (an online game) anymore either! I used to be able to access all of these before, but just a few minutes ago I got disconnected and everything went to hell. :smallmad: Does anyone have any idea about what I should do about this? I'm using Windows XP and I have Nod32 as my anti-virus.

2010-02-15, 11:01 PM
What you're describing sounds more like a problem with Yahoo of some sort - I think a computer problem would make everything harder, not just one site.

I'd start by trying again next time you get the chance just to make sure this isn't something that will go away on its own.

It would also be helpful if you posted any error messages you get.

2010-02-15, 11:36 PM
If nothings working... Try as system restore to a previous date, if that doesn't work, try reinstalling Yahoo.
If that doesn't work, consider reinstalling your OS.

2010-02-15, 11:42 PM
Very handy site in times like these.

2010-02-17, 12:28 AM
Thanks guys, but the problem fixed itself just this morning. Turns out it was our ISP's fault. Thanks anyway! :smallbiggrin: