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2010-02-18, 04:30 AM
You know what I was just thinking? I was just thinking that I'd really like to be able to pull up a stats screen for my life like you can in most modern video games.

So I made one:

Current Statistics

Name: potatocubed
Class: None - I mean, seriously, have you seen this guy eat?

Hours Played: 262,980

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Swine Flu
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Five Intersecting Tetrahedra

Favourite Weapon: Spoon of Triumph
Favourite Spell: Commune with Wikipedia

Wealth Accumulated: Beans

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Incomplete


What would your life's stats screen look like? Go ahead and add more categories if you think of them or have the data handy - we're all playing different games, after all.

Innis Cabal
2010-02-18, 05:00 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Innis Cabal
Class: Chef/Teacher/One time Radio Personality

Hours Played: Timer's ticked over

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Lung Infection
Most Powerful Item Crafted: King's Broth

Favourite Weapon: 2010 Pontiac Vibe
Favourite Spell: Probably best he dosn't have spells

Wealth Accumulated: Fiscially Sound, but not Secure

Times Dead: 1 (Long story)

Revived by Healer: 1

Main Quest Status: Delving into Side Quests

2010-02-18, 05:11 AM
Current Stats:

Name: KuReshtin 'Stripey Hippo' Olsson
Class: Tech Support Guy

Hours played: 299 356 (as of 10AM, 18th February, 2010)

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Multinational Corporation (struggle still ongoing)
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Rowan-tree whistle

Favourite Weapon: Clue Stick
Favourite Spell: Diversionary Rhetorical Illusion (Generally known as 'Bull****ing')

Wealth Accumulated: Insignificant

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: 42% completed

2010-02-18, 05:36 AM
Name: Edge
Class: Arts Student sans Inspiration

Hours Played: An Amount Greater Than Equal To 18 Years (seriously, I suck at stuff relating to numbers...)

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Self Excesses
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Fantasy Story That Your Fantasy-Hating Teacher Will Enjoy

Favourite Weapon: Cheap Biros
Favourite Spell: Create Goetic Demon

Wealth Accumulated: Increasing Student Debt

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Checkpoint Reached - The Road Goes Ever On

2010-02-18, 05:43 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Serpentine
Class: Ranger 1, Expert 4, Library Assistant 6

Hours Played: 208096

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Harpy
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Fantasy Mobile of Baby Charming

Favourite Weapon: Cat
Favourite Spell: Confusion

Wealth Accumulated: Books, knick-knacks, HECS debt.

Times Dead: 0

Quests Completed: 3
Main Quest Status: 10% Complete

2010-02-18, 05:55 AM
Current Statistics [/SIZE]

Name: Banjo1985 (soon to be updated)
Class: Worrier 2, Complainer 4, Ass-hat 22

Hours Played: Too many

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: The famous supervillain Heart Arythmia
Most Powerful Item Crafted: A Scroll of Momentous Disappointment

Favourite Weapon: Australian Dueling Haddock
Favourite Spell: Electroenchaphalogram!

Wealth Accumulated: 2 40k Armies, 1 Student Loan & a small library of books

Times Dead: 1

Quests Completed: 4
Main Quest Status: A rolling stone gathers no moss, so keep on truckin!

2010-02-18, 05:56 AM
Current Statistics

Name: thubby
Class: expert(with heavy investment in "knowledge" skills)

Hours Played: ~175 200

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: appendicitis
Most Powerful Item Crafted: +3 computer of massive storage

Favourite Weapon: random book
Favourite Spell: mass teach random fact

Wealth Accumulated: minimal

Times Dead: 0

completion 5%>

status training

2010-02-18, 06:02 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Rakkoon "Raccoon" Rakkoony
Class: Talker 6, Martial artist 5, Irish Whistler 1, Whiner 7

Hours Played: 3

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Guilbert and his diseases
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Two young wenches with Warlock potential

Favourite Weapon: Silver Tongue
Favourite Spell: Quote out of context

Wealth Accumulated: and lost? A lot.

Times Dead: 0

Quests Completed: 0 (is still ongoing)

Main Quest Status: The ride is the goal

2010-02-18, 08:27 AM
Current Statistics

Name: M______ F____
Class: AP Calculus, AP English Lit, AP US History.

Hours Played: 158,549 (If my math is correct)

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Swarm of Concussions
Most Powerful Item Crafted: +2 Wikipedia Page

Favourite Weapon: Wikipedia
Favourite Spell: Random Fact

Max Wealth Accumulated: 1100

Times Dead: 0

Completion 24%

Quests Completed (Main) 1

Quests Completed (Side) 4

Status Still on the Training Level

2010-02-18, 08:54 AM
Name: Anuan
Class: Martial Artist/Writer

Hours Played: As of 2/18/2010 7:56:23 AM EST, approximately 160,999 hours.

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: School
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Fantasy Novel, To Be Released.

Favourite Weapon: Arming Sword / Axe
Favourite Spell: Strange Knowledge

Max Wealth Accumulated: 30500

Times Dead: 0

Completion: N/A

Quests Completed (Main): 1 of 5.

Quests Completed (Side): 2 of N/A

Status: Preparing, Training, Editing.

Diva De
2010-02-18, 09:14 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Diva De
Class: Rogue - 10, Heart Thief - 4, Mommy - 10, Bard - 2

Hours Played: 227,608

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: The EX
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Sweetheart Cake

Favourite Weapon: words
Favourite Spell: Sultry Gaze

Wealth Accumulated: monetary - small hoard, sentiment - rich beyond belief

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Incomplete

2010-02-18, 09:22 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Jibar
Class: Lady's Man 3, Cat-Muffin 8, Monk 4

Hours Played: Meaningless

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Agoraphobia
Most Powerful Item Crafted: The Cat-Muffinominicon

Favourite Weapon: Expulsions Of The Mind
Favourite Spell: Summon Nonsense

Wealth Accumulated: Student

Times Dead: 3

Main Quest Status: Slay The White Whale

Ancient Tombs Desecrated: 4
Sacred Urns Toppled: 0
Eldritch Knowledge Obtained: 10

Number of Fangirls Accumulated: 17

Handsome: Yes

Current Statistics

Name: Serpentine
Class: Ranger 1,

Favoured enemy: Relationship problems?

2010-02-18, 09:25 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Black Pants Guy/ The Jolly Nihilist
Class: Rogue

Hours Played: 154478

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Demonic Mother
Most Powerful Item Crafted: top-end (at the time) Computer

Favourite Weapon: Fists
Favourite Spell: Summon Roleplaying Group

Wealth Accumulated:

In the past: AUS$2000
Currently: AUS$12

Times Dead:

Main Quest Status: 17/75 missions complete

Handsome: Devilishly.

2010-02-18, 11:17 AM
[QUOTE=potatocubed;7913608]You know what I was just thinking? I was just thinking that I'd really like to be able to pull up a stats screen for my life like you can in most modern video games.

So I made one:

Current Statistics

Name: Eldan
Class: Low-level expert

Hours Played: Several

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Anax imperator. An accident while working for wildlife conservation.
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Warhammer 40k Wraithlord

Favourite Weapon: Pencil
Favourite Spell: Sit motionlessly

Wealth Accumulated: Swiss bank account (since they are the only bank accounts in this country :smalltongue:)

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Incomplete


2010-02-18, 11:45 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Arguskos
Class: Commoner 1/Expert 3

Hours Played: 187,128 as of this writing.

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Angry Gang
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Complete D&D Campaign Setting

Favourite Weapon: d5
Favourite Spell: Browse the Internet

Wealth Accumulated: Never enough :smallsigh:

Times Dead: 0 (though not without trips to the healer)

Main Quest Status: N/A

2010-02-18, 12:05 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Starscream
Class: Nerd. Prestige Class: Software Engineer

Hours Played: 219,000

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Food Poisoning/College
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Sweet Computer

Favourite Weapon: Sonic Screwdriver (replica - don't tell enemies)
Favourite Spell: Summon TVTropes

Wealth Accumulated: Mostly depleted by college.

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Ongoing.

2010-02-18, 12:13 PM
Name: Kallisti
Class: Commoner 1/Expert 2/Bard 1
Hours played: Not enough
Most powerful enemy defeated: The Wheel of Time series, all 13,000+ pages of it:smallsigh:Decent story, but TOO DAMN LONG
Most powerful item crafted: Short stories
Favorite weapon: d20
Favorite spell: Curse Dice
Wealth Accumulated: Not a lot
Times dead: Arguably 0
Main quest status: Derailed by ennui and sidequests

2010-02-18, 12:25 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Thufir
Class: Mathematician/Bookworm/Geek/Tenor

Hours Played: 190409 - 190433

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Procrastination (Recurring villain)
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Masterwork Choral arrangement

Favourite Weapon: Ridiculous vocal range
Favourite Spell: Analyse equation

Wealth Accumulated: Student loan - rent, bills, other costs; Books, DVDs, CDs, Games, Keyboard, Laptop.

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest: TBD

Handsome: Some might say so.
Random Added Stat: Is this.

Hell: Yeah.

2010-02-18, 12:45 PM
Current Statistics

Alias: Flickerdart
Class: Expert

Hours Played: ~164,700

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Voenkomat
Most Powerful Item Crafted: KV-2 Heavy Tank (scale model :smalltongue:)

Favourite Weapon: Reason
Favourite Spelling: With extraneous 'u' wherever possible

Power: Meagre
Wealth: Destitute

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: No Active Quests
Companions Found: 0
Game mode: Iron Man
Achievements Unlocked: 16
Renown: 0
He has no fiefs.

2010-02-18, 12:55 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Kobold-Bard
Class: Commoner/Ex-Expert

Hours Played: About half of all the hours the game has been going (I waste lots of time in the Pause menu)

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Virginity Stupid I know, but that's how it is.
Most Powerful Item Crafted: A-frame catapult the fired kitchen knives. Bored Scouts are a truly dangerous thing.

Favourite Weapon: N/A due to cowardice.
Favourite Spell: Time Waste

Wealth Accumulated: A fair bit as long as I flee the country as soon as they want me to repay my Student Loan :smalltongue:

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Incomplete

2010-02-18, 01:00 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Reinholdt
Class: Coward-10, Cat-5, Rogue-5

Seconds Played: 745,883,329.3

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: None. Running away solves everything. And keeps me physically fit.
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Reinholdt's backstory novella.

Favourite Weapon: Trickery.
Favourite Spell: Expeditious Retreat.

Wealth Accumulated: Reasonable amount.
Times Dead: 5 (Don't ask)
Main Quest Status: Failing.
Overall character worth: Negative 10
Cats collected: 3598
Dogs petted: 489
Dogs kicked: 489

2010-02-18, 01:04 PM
Current Statistics

Name: The AngelSword
Class: Badass

Hours Played: 222,504

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Automated linen cleanser

Favorite Weapon: Heavy blades
Favorite Spell: Summon Bigger Fish

Wealth Accumulated: 9,600 gold, 250,000 Kinah, .5 Acres of land

Times Dead: 5

Main Quest Status: In Progress

2010-02-18, 01:16 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Tel
Class: {hidden}

Hours Played: 255,598

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Mirror of Opposition
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Tome of Stories

Favourite Weapon: Words
Favourite Spell: Summon Pizza

Wealth Accumulated: 0

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: 1/8 complete
Sub Quest Status: 5/10 complete
Achievement Items: Diploma of Impressiveness, Ring of Power

2010-02-18, 01:28 PM
Name: Aedilred
Class: Expert 3/Bard 1/Rogue 1/Commoner 1

Hours Played: 223,686

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Oncoming car
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Olympic Stadium

Favourite Weapon: Dual-wield Max-D 2000 and Tiger Cosh
Favourite Spell: Summon Irrelevant Detail

Favourite Skills: Gossip, Knowledge (History)
Highest Attribute: Constitution

Wealth Accumulated: Insufficient for character progression
Minions Accumulated: 6

Times Dead: 31

Main Quest Status: Paused

2010-02-18, 01:29 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Chaelos
Class: Biology Major/English-Creative Writing Major/Law Student

Hours Played: 201,614

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: The Rule Against Perpetuities/Blackacre
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Curriculum Vitae

Favourite Weapon: The Restatement of Contracts, 2nd
Favourite Spell: "Pacta Sunt Servanda!"

Wealth Accumulated: Some, but almost all of it currently devoted to sustaining current transformation.

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Act I complete; Act II incomplete; Act III incomplete

2010-02-18, 01:34 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Syka
Class: Student/Cashier/Writer/Producer

Hours Played: Right around 200,000 hours

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Epilepsy, Asthma, Something I Can't Mention
Most Powerful Item Crafted: 2.33 Novels

Favourite Weapon: Google-Fu
Favourite Spell: Owl's Wisdom

Wealth Accumulated: Minor and growing

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: 35% (give or take)

Mando Knight
2010-02-18, 01:42 PM
Name: Mando Knight
Class: Student

Hours Played: Roughly 181750

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Invalid notions of reality
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Model Airplane that flew almost exactly as planned on the first trial run.

Favourite Weapon: Sword
Favourite Spell: Mando's Magnificent Magitech Manipulation

Wealth Accumulated: Over 2 million Zenny, 300000+ http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/8/8c/Pok%C3%A9monDollar.png, 2, Over 9000 coins, and roughly $600

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Incomplete

2010-02-18, 02:19 PM
Current Statistics
Name: OverdrivePrime
Class: Guardian, Tribe Phoenix

Hours Played: 290,798

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Thyroid Cancer
Other Enemies (active): Sloth, Rupert Murdoch
Other Enemies (Defeated): 2009, Himself, Robert Jordan, the Unseelie Court
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Kitchen of Great Justice +1
Current Projects: Two Books, One Master Bath of Splendor +3, Five Gallons of Session Brown Ale

Favourite Weapon: Donnersleid - masterwork bastard sword
Most Used Weapon: Martial Arts
Favourite Spell: Overdrive's Virtue of the Benevolent Paramour

Favourite Skills: Profession (Geek), Knowledge (Nature), Craft (Campaign), Survival
Highest Attribute: Strength
Most Used Attribute: Charisma

Wealth Accumulated: Invested in property
Animal Companion: Golden Retriever (Advanced, w/ Improved Fluff)

Times Dead: .9

Main Quest Status: Excellent
Achievements Unlocked:37
Spouses: One sidequests unlocked
Items of Note: Ring of Protection vs Enchantment +10 (cursed, 20% chance of attracting slatterns)

2010-02-18, 02:30 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Peter
Class: Carbon

Hours Played: Probably a couple years' worth.

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Encephalitis
Most Powerful Item Crafted: A beautiful mind

Favourite Weapon: Jackassery
Favourite Spell: Summon Lack of Sleep

Wealth Accumulated: Parents

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Not Begun

2010-02-18, 03:01 PM
Name: Andrew D. Co0n aka Deadly Raccoon
Class: Dreamer, Wanderer, Aspiring God

Hours Played: 238608 +- a few depending on leap years and light years daylight savings and whatnot

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Smoke
Current Enemies: Death, Distractions, Procrastination
Archnemesis: Time and Space
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Nothing that I have finished

Favourite Weapon: Your mind
Favourite Spell: Alter Reality
Favourite Schools of Magic: Alchemy (for its dark medieval flavor), Metamagic (for sheer power and potential)

Wealth Accumulated: A few hundred books... the feeble beginnings of a small personal library (of ancient, forbidden lore).

Times Dead: n times for some integer n > 1

Main Quest Status: Some (possibly negative) fraction of infinity

2010-02-18, 03:13 PM
Current Stats:

Name: (Die Vage) Willem ''DoubleD'' ''C-monster'' Koster
Class: Art student 2, Ninja 1, Pirate 5, weirdo 10. Geek 10.

Hours played: Over 9000.
Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: The meaning of Life.
Most Powerful Item Crafted: My imagination(ongoing project)

Favourite Weapon: Smooth talk, sarcasm overdose, other means.
Favourite Spell: Wish, but for some reason it keeps failing.

Wealth Accumulated: Art Student.

Times Dead: Always.

Main Quest Status: 0 out of 4.
Side Quest(s) Status: 4 out of ???

2010-02-18, 03:25 PM
Current Stats:

Name: (Die Vage) Willem ''DoubleD'' ''C-monster'' Koster
Class: Art student 2, Ninja 1, Pirate 5, weirdo 10. Geek 10....

You're contradicting yourself. I think you're telling untruths :smallwink:

2010-02-18, 05:04 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Kate
Class: mom...

Hours Played:...alot...lolz

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated:A poopy diaper
Most Powerful Item Crafted: A baby... :D

Favourite Weapon: the binky!!!!
Favourite Spell: Summon daddy

Wealth Accumulated:90 bucks...lol

Times Dead: 5 1/2 lol

Main Quest Status: 1/100,000,000,000,000

Rae Artemi
2010-02-18, 05:12 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Rae Artemi
Class: Babysitter 4, woodworker 1, metalworker 1, student 9

Hours Played: 133,176

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Melanoma
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Kirby's quest for hats

Favourite Weapon: Denim blade
Favourite Spell: conjure denim

Wealth Accumulated: Currently -$130

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Training for future.

Dr. Bath
2010-02-18, 05:24 PM
Name: Edgar
Class: Mammalia


Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Evil Exes 1 through 5
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Flat-pack garden chair +1 to dozing

Favourite Weapon: Idiocy
Favourite Spell: Sunny

Wealth Accumulated: 5 English pound9s). 1 Alderney pound(s)

Times Dead: 0
Times revived by teammate: 10

Main Quest Status: Plot central character killed. Please re-load and try again.

Achievement unlocked! Out damn spot! moved away from home
Achievement unlocked! Further procrastination entered university
Achievement unlocked! Living in America (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHqUipinDyw) apply for year abroad.

27/10000000000000 Harlequin ladybirds purified
8/250000 frogs saved
3/7 Continents visited

2010-02-18, 05:28 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Introbulus
Class: Gamer 5/ Artist 3 / Programmer 2 / Bard 1

Hours Played: 196,289:31:03

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Mononucleosis
Most Powerful Item Crafted: +2 Website

Favourite Weapon: +5 Computer of Newness
Favourite Spell: Delayed Assignment Completion (AKA: Procrastination)

Wealth Accumulated: 12 Gold pieces, 8 silver (http://www.amazon.com/Frontier-Cinnamon-Powder-Chinese-Ounce/dp/B001VNKWD0) pieces, 6 copper pieces. (http://dndsrd.net/equipment.html)

Times Dead: 0.2

Main Quest Status: Slaying the Dreaded Master's Program - 35% Complete

Wealth Accumulated: Art Student.

I like how this says very little and explains everything all at once. :smallwink:

Emperor Ing
2010-02-18, 05:29 PM
Name: Emperor Ing
Class: Geek/Jock Gestalt

Hours Played: 9999

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Brain Menangitis
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Well That Was Unexpected (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7316298)

Favourite Weapon: The Bag of Douche
Favourite Spell: Rage

Wealth Accumulated: Unknown

Times Dead: 1

Main Quest Status: Unknown

2010-02-18, 05:31 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Lupy
Class: Archbishop

Prestige Classes: Eagle Scout
Hours Played: 128,520 hours

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Swine Flu
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Budgerigar sa'angreal

Favourite Weapon: Oboe of Doom!
Favourite Spell: Summon Budgerigar

Wealth Accumulated: Thousands of books.

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Complete
Side Quest Status: Incomplete

2010-02-18, 05:35 PM
Current Statistics: Sane Mode

Name: Richard
Class: Salesman 2/Civil Servant 3/Student 2

Hours Played: 190,943

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: *redacted*
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Overvolt Battery Grenade

Favorite Weapon: Duct Tape
Favorite Spell: Shake Confidence

Wealth Accumulated: Not Enough

Main Quest Status: Sandbox Game

Nameless Ghost
2010-02-18, 06:16 PM
Class: Technomancer 1, Beguiler 3, Bard 1

Hours Played: 160704

Most Powerful Enemy: Undetermined
Most Powerful Item Crafted: +1 Tome of Confusion*

Favourite Weapon: Deception +1 Pen of Indecipherable Script
Favourite Spell: Precognition

Wealth Accumulated: Approximately -5000 (based upon the uncertain exchange rate from pounds sterling to gold pieces) a priceless moonstone raven and wild water elemental.

Times Dead: 3

Quest Status:
Light in the Darkness: Failed
The Burning Sphere: Failed

Current Status: Questseeking

*See link in signature.

The Vorpal Tribble
2010-02-18, 06:26 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Josh
Class: Scholar 4/Monstrumologist 2/Ranger 1

Hours Played: 235,555

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Mother of the Clan
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Staff of Thorns

Favorite Weapon: Disarming Smile
Favorite Spell: Circle Against Murphy's Law

Wealth Accumulated: Dust

Times Dead: 90

Main Quest Status: NIA

2010-02-18, 06:42 PM
Name: Megabyter5
Class: Expert 2/Bard 1/Ranger 1
Class Features: Bardic Knowledge, Favored Enemy: Relationships

Hours Played: If you mean how many hours I've actually PARTICIPATED in reality, probably ~40.

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Self (recurring)
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Original Short Play

Favorite Weapon: +2 Passive-Aggressive Attitude
Favorite Spell: Alienate Person

Wealth Accumulated: What is this "wealth" you speak of?
Main Quest Status: Incomplete

Thanatos 51-50
2010-02-18, 06:59 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Primary Internet Alias: Thanatos 51-50
Class: Military (Sailor (METOC))

Hours Played: (http://www.mathcats.com/explore/age/calculator.html) 190,737

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Mirror opponent
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Tactical Analysis Brief

Favourite Weapon: Stiletto Tongue
Favourite Spell: Manufacture Powerpoint

Wealth Accumulated: Sufficient

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Pending...

Fifty-Eyed Fred
2010-02-18, 07:01 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Fifty-Eyed Fred
Class: Social Climber 4/Gentleman 6

Prestige Classes: Extensive & Superfluous Knowledge
Hours Played: 160,608 hours

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Eldritch Throat Infection (Recurring Villain)
Most Powerful Item Crafted: The Power of Friendship

Favourite Weapon: Swordstick
Favourite Spell: Infectious Hysterical Laughter

Wealth Accumulated: Enough to buy my way.

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: 33% complete (Middle Class reached, Gentry, Upper-Class and Nobility still to go).
Side Quest Status: Incomplete

2010-02-18, 08:03 PM
Current Statistics

Name: GoC
Class: Mathematician/Physicist

Hours Played: 200,000 +-50,000:smallbiggrin:

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: The Common Cold
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Grobot Obliterator

Favourite Weapon: Vorpal Pen
Favourite Spell: Sleep

Wealth Accumulated: 100gp

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Trying to find next plot-hook

2010-02-18, 08:08 PM
Name: James

Occupation: Student

Hours Played: 12 (XP)

Most Common enemy defeated: Hobgoblin

Most powerful itme crafted: Warhammer 40k Eldar Wraithlord

Fave Spell: Energy ball (Psionic)

Fave Weapon: Longsword

Wealth accumulated: -150 gp

Times dead: 0

Main quest status: Passing math :P

2010-02-18, 08:20 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Sebastian
Class: 1 Bard/ 1 Commoner /

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Some guy in third grade
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Napkin Holder

Favourite Weapon: Guitar
Favourite Spell: Talk with animals ( though they never answer back in "common animal" )

Wealth Accumulated: Tons of Book, Vinyls, video games and half a pillow.

Most Powerful ally: The King Queen of cats.
Times Dead: 0
Game Difficulty: Very Hard.
Main Quest Status: 3% ( Still in Tutorial )

2010-02-18, 08:42 PM
Name: Bandil
Class: Nerd 9/Swimmer 5

Hours played: not nearly enough

Most powerful enemy defeated: Century Club (swimming 100 x 100s (yards. I'm American:smalltongue:) on timed intervals.)
Most powerful item crafted: a light following robot (:smallbiggrin:)

Favorite weapon: logic that doesn't work
Favorite spell: "'ll do it later." followed closely by "oh crap! I forgot to do it!"
on a related note... I should probably go finish my homework...

wealth accumalated: not very much...

Main quest status: I'll do it later...

2010-02-18, 10:08 PM
Current Stats:

Name: Razaele
Class: College Student

Hours played: 201,563 (give or take a couple)

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: My thesis.
Most Powerful Item Crafted:

Favourite Weapon: Mouse and Keyboard
Favourite Spell: Summon Greater Pizza

Wealth Accumulated: -$200

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: 24% Completed

Mr. Mud
2010-02-18, 10:34 PM
Name: Joe
Class: Bro

Hours played: 46 minutes and 17 seconds

Most powerful enemy defeated: Friendzone
Most powerful item crafted: +5 Returning and Unerring Paper Airplane of the Eagle

Favorite Weapon: Wit
Favorite Spell: Maximized Procrastinate

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status complete: N/A, ragequit, and moved to a private server partway through the tutorial.

Reason why: "Graphics were nice, but the gameplay sucked."

2010-02-19, 12:06 AM
Name: James Lorain Burlingame II, a.k.a. KerfuffleMach2
Class: Assistant Manager, Student, Crazy Person

Hours Played: About 191,928

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Um...the candy Whoppers. Things almost killed me once.
Most Powerful Item Crafted: K'NEX Hummer

Favorite Weapon: A tie between a crowbar and a tuna
Favorite Spell: Fuzzy Logic

Wealth Accumulated: Not what I would like.

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: At least 20% done.

2010-02-19, 06:21 AM
Reason why: "Graphics were nice, but the gameplay sucked."


2010-02-19, 08:08 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Yarram
Class: Musician 2, Code Monkey 1, Geek 2

Hours Played: 163296

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Hellish Serpent Chimera
Most Powerful Item Crafted: A Straw Delivery Protection Device

Favourite Weapon: Avoidance
Favourite Spell: Prismatic Spray
Warcry: "Huzzah!"

Wealth Accumulated: Books, Computer, Clothes, Tuba

Times Dead: 0

Main Quests Completed: Child Years, Primary School, High School.
Side Quests Completed: Thousands
Current Main Quest: University
Main Quest Status: 1% Complete

2010-02-19, 08:45 AM
Current Statistics

Name: Crixon
Class: level 1 commoner, level 1 expert, level 3 druid

Hours Played: 12 month cycle almost complete, beginning 23rd cycle

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Man
Most Powerful Item Crafted: an artifical intellegence plotting to take over the world

Favourite Weapon: my wits
Favourite Spell: summon insanity

Wealth Accumulated: barely any and far less then i hoped

Times Dead: 0 - depends, does feeling half dead count? :P (currently have the flu)

Main Quest Status: so far from incomplete its almost completed!

2010-02-19, 08:58 AM
Name: Bisected8
Class: Computer Programmer 6, Pyromaniac 3

Hours Played: 183,072

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: My own self doubt.
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Thermite, or possibly my PC.

Favourite Weapon: My fists or a mug of coffee
Favourite Spell: Summon flames (material components: properly built fire)

Wealth Accumulated: A student loan dept of about 10,000 (oh how much fun I shall have paying it off :smallsigh:) >_<

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Grinding academia related XP before progressing to the "full time employment" level.

2010-02-19, 09:31 AM
You're contradicting yourself. I think you're telling untruths :smallwink:
If it involves cameras, I'm a ninja, otherwise pirate all the way.

Bit crazy like that, I suppose.

2010-02-19, 09:43 AM
Current Statistics
Name: Aziraphale
Class: Student (English) 14, Gaymer 2,Trickster 1

Hours Played: ++MELON MELON MELON+++
Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: Science
Other Enemies (active): Apathy, School
Other Enemies (Defeated): Mathematics, Ethics, Bein' pretty much an orphan.
Most Powerful Item Crafted: A* Coursework of Duality +4

Favourite Weapon: Wit
Most Used Weapon: Acerbic tounge
Favourite Spells: Word Power : Stun, Bitchy Comment

Wealth Accumulated: Student
Animal Companion: Pusscat
Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: A2 Levels

Lend Me Your Ears : persuade 4 people to give you ears Give an inspiring speech about something or other.
Tears for Peers : Make 30 people cry in the space of a week.
Hazards of Love : Predict 5 breakups.
Angst Destroyer : Cheer up freinds 50 times.
One-upmanship : Trump the misery of another.

2010-02-19, 09:56 AM
Current Stats

Name: Grlump The Elder
Class: Upper-Middle Class (10)

Hours Played: 1.61201x105

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: 24 Pork pies in one sitting.
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Origami Model of Discworld

Favourite Weapon: Illogic
Favourite Spell: Comsume! (om)

Wealth Accumulated: NOT ENOUGH

Times Dead: 0

Main Quest Status: Depends on how you define successful...

2010-02-19, 10:50 AM
Name: Pirate Jesus
Class: Fighter

Hours Played: 64057
Hours Idle: 128115

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: High School Finals
Be Born: Complete
First Day of School: Complete
Middle School: Complete
High School: Complete
Obtained Drivers Liscence: Incomplete (Low Level)
Get a Job: Incomplete [Active Quest]
Finish College: Incomplete

Good/Evil: 46
Pure/Corrupt: -66

Most Favorite Weapon: Methane Gas
Favorite Radio Station: Metal
Highest Media Attention: Brief mention in local newspaper.

2010-02-19, 03:52 PM
Current Statistics

Name: Radical Andrew

Hours Played: Lost count gazing in the mirror

Most Powerful Enemy Defeated: The IRS
Most Powerful Item Crafted: Biofilm derivative antibiotic

Favourite Weapon: Rickenbacker Liverpool
Favourite Spell: Eruption

Wealth Accumulated: Saving for my epic mount

Times Dead: -3

Main Quest Status: New Game +