View Full Version : B'day present for Everest climber

2010-02-21, 04:35 AM
So my parents a climbing Everest in a month or so and my Mum's birthday is just around the corner. Now they are all ready in the gear department so I can't get them backpacks or boots. What should I get her? Just a note they are taking a laptop up and have camera equipment also ready.

2010-02-21, 01:33 PM
glove warmers :smalltongue:

2010-02-21, 02:00 PM
Hand warmers can be useful

2010-02-21, 03:57 PM
An appointment with a licensed psychiatrist.

Don Julio Anejo
2010-02-21, 03:59 PM
An appointment with a licensed psychiatrist...
...on top of Mount Everest

2010-02-21, 04:23 PM
Everyone knows that when you climb a mountain, you have to leave a flag on top.

2010-02-21, 04:55 PM
Bring some bird seed. They can lay it down when they reach the top. Likely there will be some migrating birds near them mocking them for talking so long to climb.
They can feed the birds.

2010-02-21, 05:24 PM
Everyone knows that when you climb a mountain, you have to leave a flag on top.

i second this.

2010-02-21, 09:07 PM
Spare camera battery or memory card if they don't already have a back-up.

2010-02-21, 10:12 PM
Suprisingly enough they already have prayer flags to leave at the top. As well as batteries and memory for the camera.

2010-02-21, 10:16 PM
Prayer flags? No, man. It's got to be either your country's flag, or a family crest (if you haven't one, now's the time to get one, I can't think of a better way to make it official than sticking it on top of a mountain). Either way, it has to be big and good quality.

2010-02-21, 10:32 PM
If they've got all in the gear department.. I'm not sure they're going to want to lug anything else up the mountain as well... right? It is quite hard you know. Also, you kinda have to climb a lot, so might not have much time to do other stuff...

what I'm saying is if they have all the gear, something for the actual climb probably isn't a good idea, get something for before or after.

If however, I wasn't thinking properly like this, I'd suggest a flash video camera, those are tiny now, very light etc.. but now I think about it it might not 1. work at low temperatures, and 2. be a good idea to fall off because you weren't concentrating and videoing instead.

Now this post has turned into a hideous mess.
Kudos to them btw. I climb whenever I can, but nothing that high up...