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2010-02-22, 02:20 AM
I'm tired because it's only midnight; I'll post more on this tomorrow during the hours where I'm not battling to keep my eyes open.

Basically, my PC's happen to be very artistic and love to draw pictures of their characters and what they do. We've created a DeviantART group based around the campaign and are compiling in-character journals, game session records, and art drawn by my amazingly talented PC's and I. Tell me what you think of the concept--and the art! And the concept art!


2010-02-22, 01:34 PM
Recently posted in the DA group:


What do you think about it? I think I did pretty well, save the fact that his head isn't attached to his body. :S It's a picture of Ur'Ghosh, the blademaster that my PC's took as a prisoner of war in our last game session. This really surprised me -- I had expected them to simply kill him and take his double-bladed sword. Now he is on that thin line between DMPC and supporting character, a razor's edge I'm having no small amount of difficulty maintaining. >.>