View Full Version : Writers Block, and the combatting thereof!

2010-02-24, 10:01 AM
The title pretty much says it all really. This thread is for those of us that spend a lot of their time staring at either a blank piece of paper or computer screen as if it's the most intimidating and insurmountable thing in the world. It's for sharing experiences of the dreaded Block, giving those that are struggling a bit of a pep-talk, and tips for overcoming the worst that it can throw at you.

Yes I have it at the moment, and seem to be finding any excuse not to start writing again, including starting this thread, so it's partly a plea for help as well I guess. :smalltongue:

2010-02-24, 11:38 AM
Ive just got over something like 6 months of writers block myself. Damn life is dull without drawing comics.