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2010-02-25, 09:07 PM
sorry if you came here expecting a full finished thing, but the fact is, im only beginning, and i would be greatly appreciative of any ideas opinions or help in doing this, prefereably help with the mechanics only if you know anima, but generally, feel free to say your bit.

i am mainly making this for myself, (to run face to face at some point in the possibly distant future) but all whom like it can use it. (although at the moment, there is nothing to use...)

stylistically, i want to shift combat into a more 3D plane, as in, arial combat via slightly unrealistic jumping as Final Fantasy has become accustommed. so my first project is to try and work in advanced jumping (thus making the jumping skill rather important if you wish to do this) and sustained hang time (and thus combat in mid-air for short bursts, or the ability to jump onto a dragon or some such)

as of yet, as i have said ive not really got too much worked out, i have a couple ideas which i shall post soon to see what you guys think, but is you have any ideas at all, just say them.

so if you like this idea, then subscribe to the thread and watch it grow!

2010-02-26, 12:27 PM
I found the best way to have aerial combat in a table top game is to make it more like the Final Fantasy games and get rid of the battle grid. The returners made a system of front row and back row. You could make your system have that plus the out of reach aerial slot (unless they have long ranged weapon of course). You can keep a grid to show front row, back row, and aerial but movement would be out a bit.

Take a look at final fantasy 2d6 here on giants to look at some really good parts of a Final Fantasy game along with some good links

2010-02-26, 07:36 PM
thanks, i think i'll go do that to help me develop a couple of ideas and see if i can get it to work. i was thinking something along the lines of adding strength agility and dexterity then deviding by 10 to give how many rounds you can stay airborn from a single jump, but thats a rough idea, it might work out as too long or too short.