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2010-02-26, 01:21 PM
I find it a handy device when referring to the party as a whole. Our current group has the name "Those who Serve" The deciesion was made before I joined up, and I don't really mind it, I just think that there could be a better one.

Wanna share yours? Or your opinion on Group Names?

2010-02-26, 01:26 PM
In game there's no intrinsic reason for an adventuring group to have a name. If there's a formal organization they might. And they might eventually come up with a name if they need one. But unless adventuring is a really common pursuit this isn't likely to happen. Since many adventuring groups get together more or less haphazardly or are cudgeled together to accomplish something they likely aren't going to think that hard about having a term for the group.

2010-02-26, 03:22 PM
In the game I currently am playing in after a few adventures escourting harried merchant caravans through hostile territory as mercenary work for a nearby kingdom our group of 4 + 1 NPC wrote up a contract to ensure we all got equal shares. We officially dubbed the Mercenary company "The Counsel" with associated uniforms and a pug dog mascot named Ignatius...

2010-02-26, 04:36 PM
In a game I DMed, my players were not living creatures, but some sort of automata created by a Lich demigod to do his bidding. Their creation process included a bath in arcane pools that granted them abilities and knowledges equal to those of living characters of 1st level, so they began to refer to themselves as the Children of the Pool.

2010-02-26, 04:58 PM
In my experience, my players tend to kill each other fast enough that a name isn't needed. Occasionally, they work with a named groups of NPCs, though.

In my current campaign, I'm hoping that they stay alive long enough that they end up finding a name for themselves. If not, hopefully something appropriate will come up.

2010-02-27, 03:52 AM
One benefit of getting your group to come up with a name is that it gives them extra incentive to work together and be part of a team.

Also a team name means they don't go somewhere and get called "Brandon Steel and his companions. They get called The Dustvale Five or some such thing. Plus the proto-adventuring party had a name "The Fellowship of the Ring" and it adds to the epicness in some ways.

2010-02-27, 04:22 AM
I'm always fond of the name "The Pillage People". It's funny and applies perfectly to adventurers. When I play LFR, that's the name my friends and I usually go with.

2010-02-27, 04:31 AM
Our current group has progressed from lvl 1 to 10. Only two of the original members (and players) still remain. Nevertheless, four out of six have been made nobles and introduced at the Royal Court so we are referred to as the 'Heroes of Saltmarsh' (as per the module) throughout the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Naming the group is a good plot device since it is easy to introduce recurring villains who actively plot our demise... and we are actively trying to locate those b**tards. Being a group of LG, CG and NG we are not obsessively homicidal about each other...