View Full Version : Cunning Brilliance Query

Roc Ness
2010-02-27, 05:59 AM
Cunning Brilliance was made Ex. only to stop factotums from mimicing spellcasting, right?

Is there anything stopping it from mimicing martial manueveurs and stances? (not the useless 1/day feat kind, but the actual, rechargable, thing)

Also, I'm aware that some maneuvers are Su, but most schools are Su-free

2010-02-27, 06:11 AM
Martial maneuvers and stances are not class features of any standard (base) character class. The ability to learn such maneuvers is a feature of some classes, but in all such cases it's a natural class ability rather than Extraordinary.
Natural abilities are those not otherwise designated as extraordinary, supernatural, or spell-like. So yes, there are a couple of reasons why Cunning Brilliance won't help you with martial maneuvers.