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Raenir Salazar
2010-03-07, 04:02 PM
Since wizards can invent spells in 3.5 (I think) I wanted th create the two following animesque spells (both as it turns out from Naruto)

1. Sharingan, Lesser: Any Arcane spell any Humanoid casts using in part or in full using somantic components (hand gestures right?) you may as an immediate action counterspell as if you had Improved Counterspell feat or Spell Turning, this spell unlike using Dispel Magic or normal counterspell doesn't require the use of expending spells, you can also if you pass a spellcraft check (DC: 10 + Spell Level + Int) automatically learn the spell although you will still need to within 24 hours copy it down to your spellbook and memorize it like normal spell to use it in any other instance.

You must be capable of movement and using somantic spells and not otherwise restrained, you do not need to make a ready action to use this state.

The caster through this heightened sense of awareness is nolonger able to be caught flat footed and gains a +2 circumstance/dodge bonus to AC and reflex saves and through a heightened awareness of magic can now percieve the world as if arcane sight is active and can see magical auras.

Duration: 6 seconds/level
Casting time: 1 standard action

2. Sharingan, Greater: Same as above but with the following addition, the caster can now while the spell is active perceive events 1 full round into the future for every round the ability is active and gains +4 circumstance bonus instead of +2 for reflex saves and to dodge AC.

The DM should then inform the player of what move each hostile npc in line of sight will conduct including spellcasting, movement, and standard actions and like with Foresight can give his allies the above bonus if he can warn them in time of any threat.

However Sharingan, Greater is a tiring ability and doesn't last as long as lesser, the caster can attempt to extend this time by making a successful constitution check (DC 10 + Spell Level + Rounds Sharingan, Greater has been activated), should the check fail Sharingan immediately ends and the caster is fatigued for length of time Shar. has been activated.

A successful check however still incurs a 1 point penalty of constitution damage for each round.

So the question is what level spells could these be and how would I go about inventing them?

Also what I like to call 'Godpath' based on Pain's trick from the manga;

Basically you take a suitable recently dead and preserved corpse and animate it by placing a copy of your mind/soul within it and apply a psionic/magic link (1 active, 1 backup to resist dispelling, dysjunction, and antimagic field) between the 'corpse' and you.

Essentially each body thats animated in this fashion is brought back to life perfectly and isn't undead and any wounds healed.

Each body henceforth called a 'paeth' is essentially given a modified copy of your soul and mind each one if thus to an extant self aware and capable of independent movement, thought, and action.

But this is limited through the psychic link between them individually and you since everything they know and see is automatically and instantly perceived by you and vice versa, however this is buffered so that a blinding flash of light will blind the paeth the originator only sees that there was a flash of light and now knows the paeth is blinded but isn't otherwise blinded or stunned himself, and thus no damage is otherwise transfered however some level of discomfort and pain is if the wound is severe enough, so a paeth that loses his arm the originator will feel either intense pain or feel his arm temporarily become numb etc these effects are non lethal and brief are only meant to be an inconvienience and not a significant source of interfearance.

While is paeth is capable of independent thought they however they only possess the most rudimentary free will and cannot disobey and by being clones in personality shouldn't even be capable of contrary thought though each one possesses the same intellect and by being capable of some independent thinking can if the caster so wishes participate in a conversation with the originator either verbally when near each other or mentally through the link and give a second opinion (to be roleplayed by the player) however each one being essentially the same person this shouldn't be likely as people tend to think the same way, however wizards are intelligent and should also be capable of playing devil's advocate, so its entirely up to the player to have the originator and the paeth discussing an issue with one assigned to be the devil's advocate.

Thus in summary the spell brings back to life a recently dead corpse (DC 10 + Days the corpse is dead, add 10 dc for each category away from Humanoid) but instead of calling back the soul the Wizard (harmlessly) deposits a specially copied portion of his own soul into it and mentally links with it creating a partially self aware puppet (that doesn't mind being a puppet as it lacks true free will) the following laws of robotics apply kinda apply but only as assurance (as a defense against say mind control) as each paeth wouldn't dream or percieve of turning against the originator and thus its/their own interests.

Each body has its own memorized spell list that the origin caster knows and chooses what every path memorizes for that day, however they are limited any any and all and the same restrictions as the originator (such as barred schools) but if there is a way (say for example Wish) of changing this for a paeth (including class changes) without affecting the originator or the other paeths. IE: if you found a way to change your class from level 20 Wizard to level 20 Sorceror you could do this to a paeth and not yourself, you would still be a wizard but the paeth would not effectively be a level 20 sorceror essentially making you through two characters a gestalt and could do this different to each paeth if you had a suitable spell or artifact that could do this (even changing barred schools for different paeths) without affecting your own.

The Origin caster learns and percieves everything instantly that each path does and can choose whether the other paths if they haven't seen should know of it, so a paeth can't mentally connect and communicate with another paeth but can verbally speak paeth to paeth if they are adjacent and carry on a conversation and exchange combat information and requests although if the originator allows it could do all of this silently and mentally but the more paeths you multitask the harder this is so generally its easier on the brain to have less important information be transmited verbally.

A paeth when created is the same level and has the same amount of experiance as the originator at the time of creation but gains no experiance in of themselves in any encounter, the originator gains 1/2 of the experiance that the paeth would have gained instead accounting for CRs example.

Paeth A, B are with the party making it 6 people total, the party then is for all accounts and purposes still 6 people and thus gains the same experience as would be appropriate for a party of 6 people at their level but the two paeths in the party gain no experiance, instead half of it is transferred to the originator whereever in the universe he is as long as the link is active.

The Originator through wish spell may transfer experiance to a paeth to level it up taking x amount (plus the cost of wish) of experiance points from him/her to it.

a paeth cannot learn new spells the same way a wizard normally can instead when a paeth studies a new spell the originator learns it instead of which the knowledge is then passed down automatically, thus the originator could have 2 paeths and himself at three different libraries and learning 3 different things at the same time, I figure that with a Good DM and the limitations of the game itself would actually make this less broken then it would actually be in real life as due to turn orders and convenience you couldn't possibly take full advantage of this.

Any new knowledge a paeth or the originator gains is automatically learned and gained by the others.

Should the link be severed/interrupted the paeth will continue to do its task to the best of its ability (as in memory and personality they are the same person) and is capable of tactical thought along the same lines of the originator and isn't a sitting duck and is roughly the same challenge as before and will or can try to retreat should the battle turn against it to the best of its ability or if it can determine or convenient do so leave the area preventing the link from working and reestablish the link as a free action or will do so when it is out of immediate danger.

The originator as a free action may take full control of a paeth but is still aware of his surrounders where the origin's body is located and can as a free action jump back should danger arise. This isn't really separate with what I conceive thus far but I include it to fully explain to what degree of control the origin has over the paeths.

Essentially while the link is active in game terms the player should act as if he is controlling the paeth(s) and himself at the same time as essentially the same character (with whatever differences done with wish) with the backup personality (that is constantly instantly updated) there should the link fail, the link exists both pscionically and magically to provide endurance.

The purpose of this is that you now have at high level the ability to slowly and carefully create a small squad of wizards who are essentially you allowing you a greater degree of freedom of action and safety when pursuing your interests during the campaign. This system I believe has significant advantages over cohorts.

Same as before, what would the process be for inventing this and what limitations should it have to keep this subepic say level 14? Maybe limit it to 1 paeth every 5 levels? How expensive in either experiance points or material components should making and casting this spell have?

2010-03-07, 07:46 PM
a very intresing "Pein" build you have there but one thing your "Paeth" having a small bit of free will is way off from the manga the bodies am dead and should have no free will.

On a side note l would add the chakra rods to it and make them the focus point to this, as these am what allow Nagato to control the body's

Paths of Pain
The Six Paths of Pain was a jutsu used by Nagato, and served as his representation in Akatsuki. It allowed Nagato to control six separate bodies as though they were his own. Each of these bodies were reanimated corpses which were both kept mobile by, and made use of, Nagato's chakra. While controlling them, Nagato used the alias "Pain", yet still regarded them as separate from himself. All the six paths were eventually destroyed by Naruto Uzumaki during the invasion of Pain.

In order to use the technique, Nagato remained in a large, chair-like machine that moved with six relatively short mechanical legs, and used several large chakra rods protruding from his back to transmit chakra. From there, his chakra was picked up by the numerous body piercings that each body possessed, which acted as chakra receivers. However, to control them, Nagato had to be ideally at the highest and closest point possible so that he could have the best range possible. Nagato's machine could also shoot chakra rods from a hole in front of it for controlling enemies

As the name suggested, there were six bodies, or "paths", which comprised the jutsu. The only common feature shared by these bodies was their bright orange hair and Rinnegan. Each path had a number of body and facial piercings of various shapes, sizes, and patterns. Also, each body seemed to serve a specific purpose in battle, such as summoning, repair, and defense, rendering them open in other areas. This did not hold true for the Deva Path, however, which was imbued with several capabilities. Each path, with the possible exception of the second Animal Path, was in some way affiliated with Jiraiya when they were alive.

When the paths were active together in battle, Nagato was able to see through their eyes, thus registering six separate fields of vision at the same time. Essentially working as shared vision for the paths, this allowed Nagato to coordinate their attacks and to provide defense for them without a blind spot. All of the paths demonstrated incredible speed, strength and carried Chakra Disruption Blades concealed in their Akatsuki cloaks which were used to incapacitate opponents. The paths were strongest when together, using combinations and the element of surprise to defeat their enemies; both Jiraiya and Kakashi fell victim to this technique. However, his technique, although powerful, had a flaw: each of the paths had a primary function or ability. With prior knowledge about the technique and each paths' abilities, one stood a better chance of defeating them, as witnessed in Pain's battle against Naruto.

l do like the Sharingan, but please stay away from Mangekyou + Eternal Mangekyou l see them as way to powerful in there own write, Mangekyou has a good draw back as you go blind lol, but for Eternal Mangekyou you would need to steal a family members eyes would has the same power as you, lol

one l would like to see is

Ranmaru's Unnamed Bloodline (Filler Arc)

Ranmaru was an orphan growing up in the Water Country. What happened to the rest of his clan is unclear, but because he grew up in the Water Country, it is possible they were killed when the populace turned against the bloodlines. His traits include penetrating vision and a unique chakra particle extension. He had the ability to use his vision abilities to penetrate the walls of his small shack and view the outside world. This ability does not appear to have the range of the Byakugan, but it actually has the ability to counter that Hyuuga trait.

Ranmaru's vision grants him a greater ability to see ones' life force, even beyond the Hyuuga's internal chakra perception. This allowed him to determine that Raiga, who had recently fallen in battle, was still alive. This was something Neji's Byakugan could not sense.

Ranmaru could also extend his chakra out in red dust-like particles to create phantoms and hide his own chakra presence. The phantoms appeared to have functionality only when used in conjunction with Raiga's Kirigakure technique. The spectral images could be granted life-like chakra flows to confuse both normal ninja and Neji's Byakugan.

For this l see it as a spell that makes illusion clones

well theres my thoughts on it lol

Raenir Salazar
2010-03-07, 08:11 PM
a very intresing "Pein" build you have there but one thing your "Paeth" having a small bit of free will is way off from the manga the bodies am dead and should have no free will.

On a side note l would add the chakra rods to it and make them the focus point to this, as these am what allow Nagato to control the body's

l do like the Sharingan, but please stay away from Mangekyou + Eternal Mangekyou l see them as way to powerful in there own write, Mangekyou has a good draw back as you go blind lol, but for Eternal Mangekyou you would need to steal a family members eyes would has the same power as you, lol

one l would like to see is

Ranmaru's Unnamed Bloodline (Filler Arc)

For this l see it as a spell that makes illusion clones

well theres my thoughts on it lol

My interpretation of the Sharingan is mostly as a spell to help maximize a wizard's effectiveness and should probably leave it as Range: Self as I figure your liable to overpower the fighter with this.

I saw that the Mengekyo and Eternal Sharingans as unnessasary for a wizard, I was looking for tools not class features.

As for Pein I wanted something that would be overpoweredingly useful for a sub epic wizard and due to D&Ds rather easy ability at those levels to throw around dispels and anti magic fields it is nessasary for the bodies to have some kind of backup, thus basically a clone of your personality to keep things going long enough for the link to be reestablished AND to allow for RP between them and to raise questions about the ethical considerations.

But your right about the rods I had forgotten to write them in even though I had considered them.

The paeths as such require in part of the creation process that special adamantine or cold metal or mithril pierces be attached to the key accupuncture points of the body and within the skeleton of the body to act as recievers/transmitters for the psychic link.

I wasn't aiming for something exactly like the manga but roughly inspired from it, Pein was immobile and could move himself except to act as the radio controller I want my 'originator' to still be conspiciously capable of moving and acting independently thus allowing for some level of self thought, awareness and free will so the paeths can act effectively with the orignator mostly cosigned to giving orders and receiving feedback, this is better then scrounging for cohorts because firstly they are loyal powerful spellcasters without needing a geas and secondly through the ability using Wish to adjust their level, class, and other features.

I made them alive because why not? The only limitation in D&D for ressurection is getting the soul back making the body regenerate into a breathing alive organism is trivial even for wizards Naruto this isn't the case death and life ar only minimally understood.

Also the undead tend to be easily detected and have many MANY weaknesses and vulnerabilities, the paeths as written are very much alive and breathing granting much more advantages and can ignore the anti undead stuff.