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2010-03-07, 07:42 PM
Ok, to start off with,
Let me begin with a quote from one of the best artists I know.
"I'm not an Artist, I'm a Technician" - Korana (http://korana.elricm.com/Index.htm)

So I'm working an a picture for a NPC,
CtL an Incubus, age 15
.Stunning Looks 4
Chocolate brown skin.
This is the Pic the dm gave use (abotu a month after he described the character)

No good, wrong colour skin, not pretty enough.

I was browsing the a collection of images on my computer,
when i found this:

"Ivory" by Candra.
I've found he deviantArt page (where i guess i got the image from orignally)
and she exlictly places no restrictions on the use of her images.
She has also explicitly allowed derivations in the past.

SO i Did a recolour - just changing the overall tone of the picture

Most of the androgonous is gone from the face, just from the recolour alone.
the picture is the wrong age, ut not much can be done about that.
What i want to fix is the hair.
He need hair more similar to the one in the orignal picture.
Any tipes o ndrawing hair?
Can I use vector graphics?

Dr. Bath
2010-03-09, 12:08 PM
You actually made it look even more female than before. Although the face is about as feminine as it gets (genuinely looks like a woman's face pasted onto a man's body in the original), the darkening of the whole piece just makes it look like those crazily large pecs are now breasts to be honest.

Only a really really extensive PS redoing of ...most of the image will change the hair to what you want. By that point you're basically redrawing the whole thing anyway. Vector isn't going to cut it.

Also fading most of the image to black doesn't add anything to this in my opinion, it just looks a bit silly.

2010-03-09, 12:50 PM
If you feel that you aren't good enough to drawr your own, you could always trace over that drawing using vector and colour it yourself.