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tiny tim
2010-03-15, 10:03 PM
My friend is going to be running d20 future game, and I am going to be playing a construction android that was mistakenly given the AI and other mental programming of an experimental combat drone. I was thinking I would take the construction tools that might be built into a construction bot and weaponize them. So far I have thought of a projectile rivet gun, an arc welder, and a pneumatic hammer fist. The rivet gun would be integrated into the right arm and the rivet would be launched from his palm. The arc welder would be relatively small and deployed from the index finger of the left hand. I was wondering if anyone else has stats for these or additional suggestions.

2010-03-16, 11:19 AM
Have you ever played Dead Space? the whole concept is your a futuristic engineer on a veeery spooky spaceship.


tiny tim
2010-03-16, 06:38 PM
Well this game isn't quite as futuristic as that, and this is supposed to be just something designed to build skyscrapers and the sort.

2010-03-16, 10:07 PM
Rivet Gun
Arc Welder
Laser Cutter
Glue Gun
Diamond Saw (for cutting ceramic and metal)
Nail Gun
Air Blower and Water Sprayer (for washing and drying surfaces before working on them)
Belt Sander
Hardening Foam (Sprays a foam that quickly hardens. Could be used as insulation for some houses, quick repair for big gaping holes, used to seal off doors or containers full of dangerous stuff or wild animals)
Sand Blaster (shoots sand that shreds off the top layer of material, used for decorating glass)
Paint Gun
Power Screwdriver (bit can be changed for drills or socket wrenches)
Vacuum Cleaner
Oil Gun (sprays a lubricant to help joints move)
Grappling Hook
Suction Cups (to stick to the sides of buildings)
Spring Feet (in case you fall off the building and have to jump back up)

About all I can think of right now

2010-03-16, 10:14 PM
I don't think, even with all the safeties disabled, and a reasonable amount of modification that a rivet gun would launch a rivet very far... it is made to push HARD, not FAR. and may be more of a powered hammer than anything else in most cases. I COULD be wrong. In any case, I would think that a NAIL gun would actually make more sense, both because the pushing mechanism would be closer to that, and because nails would be more stable in flight. Of course, he would probably used hardened metal in the SHAPE of a nail, perhaps with some fluff on the back, just behind the head, to make it more aerodynamic in flight. The arc-welder sounds reasonable. The "Hammer-fist"... would probably have to be pretty small compared to his total mass, or it would just end up pushing him backwards. So more like a sledge hammer than a pile-driver.

A couple of non-weapon things he might or have:
Flare-compensation on his eyes is a must so the welder doesn't burn them out.
Similarly for hearing...
A range-finder in his eyes, and (if it didn't get lost in the multiprogramming) a very VERY good spacial sense, such that he never needs any external measuring devices... can lay out the string lines for a construction site by just walking around and pushing the stakes into the ground... but if he was working by himself, he wouldn't even bother... just put everything where it needs to go.
Because it wastes time to always be swiveling his neck around to check ranges, it might be omni-directional, which means that he would have something like Blind-sense as far as trying to sneak up on him goes. Not true 360 vision, because it probably isn't made to focus on more than one point at a time.
Crushing resistance, (same reason steel-toed boots and hard-hats exist). But maybe not as much as you would think... it might be easier to make things more replaceable (quick-change eyes etc... think Wall-E who could repair himself without any screw-driving etc.)
Great lifting strength for carrying heavy loads... basically he should be able to put a hand under the jack-point of a car, and change the tire with the other.
Fatigueless almost goes without saying. He probably has either a fusion plant, or replaceable batteries.
IF he was make for lighter duty I would suggest a studfinder (hope the forum auto-censor doesn't mangle that word...) which could help in detecting hidden doors and compartments.
Very good balance to work up high, even in strong winds... or maybe electromagnets in the feet...
Multimeter probes in the finger-tips of one hand (not terribly useful for combat, but also not worth removing either).
The equivalent of a Rigger interface from Shadowrun for operating heavy equipment?

That is what I have for now...