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Geiger Counter
2010-03-17, 05:24 PM
when a creature is petrified, how much weight does it gain from being turned to stone? when you use the spell stone skin, how much weight do you gain from part of your body turning to stone? When you cast the spell statue do you retain your constitution score or are you an object?

Sinfire Titan
2010-03-17, 05:32 PM
Stoneskin doesn't alter weight or affect mass. It actually just creates a buffer pool of HP for you.

RAW: Flesh to Stone doesn't alter weight or mass either. RAI: take a look at Object Hardness and HP, there should be weight listed somewhere in there.

2010-03-18, 04:48 PM
One section of the rules (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/theBasics.htm#multiplying) gives an offhand mention that a creature being turned to stone "would multiply its weight by a factor of roughly 3". Oddly, though the rules generally don't seem to address density, the iron body spell explicitly multiplies the caster's weight by ten and causes him to sink water.