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Darth Norris
2010-03-18, 10:06 AM
Hello guys,

We've been playing our Star Wars campaign for a while now and from the start on I was very interested in a Ace Pilot character. We're at lvl 8 so far and I just picked up one lvl in Ace Pilot but I'm not really sure about how I should continue my build. Hopefully you guys could give me some suggestions :smallsmile:

So far my character build looks like this:

Duros Scoundrel 6/scout 1/ace pilot 1

str 13
dex 19
con 10
int 16
wis 15
cha 12

- point blank shot
- tech specialist
- Starship designer
- Skill focus pilot
- vehicular combat
- skill focus mechanic
- starship tactics:
* I have you now
* Snap roll
* Attack formation Zeta Nine

- Spacehound
- Starship Raider
- Hyperdriven
- Elusive dogfighter
- Evasion

- deception +10
- Initiative +13
- perception +11
- mechanic +17
- pilot +17
- stealth +13
- Use computer +12

I'm flying a light freighter (not really suited for combat yet, but hopefully will be in the near future :smalltongue:) and a pretty decent self build superiority fighter with heavy lasers and proton torpedoes.

I was thinking about advancing completely in the Ace Pilot prestige tree. I'm not really sure about the chosen starship tactics.

Any suggestions for a kickass build?

2010-03-18, 04:44 PM
As far as Ace Pilot talents go, I like Juke and Vehicular Evasion. Being nigh unhittable really helps you feel like you're outflying your opposition.

Also, remember that you add your vehicle's Dex modifier to your Pilot checks. This often overlooked rule can really help alleviate the big size penalty of most starships.

Darth Norris
2010-03-19, 08:32 AM
Thanx KillianHawkeye, I wasn't aware of the dex bonus rule, it really helps alot! :smallsmile:
About the Juke talent, it seems very usefull, but I'm not sure if I ought to take as my next talent. I'm looking at the Keeping it together talent, not sure though if it's any use when piloting a fighter....

2010-03-19, 10:54 AM
Yeah, that rule is really obscure for some reason. It's in the beginning of the starships chapter if I remember correctly, but they completely neglected to mention it in the Pilot skill description.

Keep It Together is probably actually more useful in a starfighter than it would be in a space transport, since a bigger ship can afford to have someone doing repairs/regulating the power/etc. An astromech droid can do this on a fighter if you have one, but you may also need it for repairing the shields and such.

Darth Norris
2010-03-20, 02:31 PM
Hmm maybe keep it together is a good option since I don't have astromech onboard my fighter.

Any suggestions on good starship maneuvers?

2010-03-21, 03:29 PM
Any suggestions on good starship maneuvers?

I prefer defensive ones like Snap Roll and Wotan Weave, and I guess the gunnery ones are kinda interesting. I don't have much experience with maneuvers, though.