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2010-03-28, 05:38 AM
So, I stumbled upon this book in a used books store, and managed to buy it for just a few bucks. Now, I've been reading through it and like it and would like to know people's experience with it. Is the system easy to run. Is there any reason to play in instead of the new Saga edition, which I have never played before. Are people still playing it (offline and online) and are there any sites with homebrew/free material?

Thanks and may the force be with you.

2010-03-28, 09:22 AM
I loved the d6 version of Star Wars. (although one did need to buy a large amount of d6's) I like it much better than the Saga edition.

Unfortunately, my friend had the sourcebook and now lives and works about 250 miles away. If I can find the sourcebook, I'll buy it so I can play again.

2010-03-28, 09:44 AM
The Rancor Pit (http://www.rancorpit.com/) should be a good first stop on your quest for SW D6 material.

I only have experience with the first edition (similar to the second, but simpler - and in my opinion more appropriate for the genre), and it blows the SAGA edition of the water. It's fast, easy to use, and concentrates on giving you quick-flowing action without being bogged down by having to look up feats, skill or what have you. In this way it's a much better emulation of the original movies' style and feel.

2010-03-28, 11:36 AM
Congratulations. You have found a little gaming gem.
It's simply the best Star Wars RPG by a very large margin. Sure, it doesn't include any of the newer stuff (like Episode I - III) but that is not necessarily a loss.
The rules are simple, elegant and fun. There is a very good reason to prefer it to SAGA: It is just better, in every. single. regard.

From time to time, I still use my old Star Wars stuff for a oneshot or two. Back in the days, we played it a lot, but using the original Star Wars background more as "Neorepublican Propaganda" than facts.

2010-03-28, 12:16 PM
It is a lot of fun and quite easy to run. Since task resolution is resolved with multiple six-sided dice it can be a bit slow when more than half a dozen combatants are involved in a fire fight or whatever, but it does feel like Star Wars and runs a lot more lightly than the Saga edition, from what I can tell (I have only ever read the rules for Saga, so no play experience on that score). I put together a short scenario to try and address some of the dice rolling element over on Dragonsfoot: Shoot Out at Rol-Dranos Space Port (http://www.dragonsfoot.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=41024), but have not furnished it with a map yet!

2010-03-28, 12:23 PM
Now I don't know. While I agree d6 is better in many respects, I think that the newer saga edition handles force powers a bit to more my liking.

2010-03-28, 01:01 PM
I like and play both, I think I enjoy Saga slightly more but that may just be because I played d6 as my sole rpg for the first 4 years of my gaming career and Saga is still new and interesting for me.

A bit of a warning, the d6 Star Wars has the characters of the movie be godly powerful so as to take many years for your characters to be of equivalent power (I think I read one that took 7, but I don't remember precisely). You may think to fix this by giving more exp to your players, I would suggest don't. All the mooks are incredibly weak already, to the point that you can take on a respectable troop of stormtroopers right off the bat with little difficulty. I'd suggest buffing the mooks slightly and completely ignoring the listed characters stats.

Other than that, go wild on the d6. It's a fun game that is incredibly easy to switch about to your hearts content.

Oh and be wary of those who max Strength and become effectively immune to damage. Bloody Wookies.

2010-03-28, 02:09 PM
I really like the system, it's clean and elegant and allows for a lot of customization while still staying simple. I also like the fact that there aren't really classes. Sure, there are templates, but the book itself includes even a step by step guide for ignoring the templates.

... I wish I had more time to play these games.

Lord Vukodlak
2010-03-28, 02:40 PM
I remember my Old Verpine character, with his insane technical skill, in one instance he performed medical care on an ally one handed while keeping the other hand and his eyes on the road.

Mark Hall
2010-03-28, 03:27 PM
Now I don't know. While I agree d6 is better in many respects, I think that the newer saga edition handles force powers a bit to more my liking.

The force powers in 2e R&E are much closer to how they were handled in the OT, I think... aside from vulgar displays of Dark Side power from Vader and the Emperor, most of the Jedi power was subtle... about the most blatant thing I can think of is Obi-wan Mind Tricking the guards, or Luke killing the Gamorreans with a choke. The powers weren't flying fast and furious in the OT, except for the psychic insights.

Now, what I wound up doing was treating the "force skills" (Control, Sense, and Alter) and the Force Powers like skills, down to costs and usage, with multiple-skill powers becoming like advanced skills. Also just hit upon another idea, which will get posted for discussion in a moment.