View Full Version : Mecha art request

2010-04-01, 09:06 AM
So, if anyone likes drawing mecha, I've got a request for you with regards to an upcoming, and generally rather silly thematically, game of BESM.

My character in this game will be piloting a four-legged, centaur-shaped mecha which he calls a "volcano knight" (so knightly and/or fire-based themes would be good). The load-out would be as follows:

Right arm: Ends in a hand holding a sword which he can also clamp onto the horse torso behind him.

Left arm: Forearm to be a plasma gun-like-thing (maybe with a short but wide barrel), with a kite-shaped shield attached.

Horse torso: To have long propulsion units down the sides, enabling flight. Also, to be wide enough to conceal a power plant which doubles as a one-shot targeted self-destruct (melting the rest of the mecha is a side-effect) megadeath beam weapon.

Incidentally, I haven't statted this out yet, and have never actually played BESM before. If the numbers allow, I was also thinking of having some "lances" clamped onto the torso, which would really be individual one-shot rocket launchers to be used at close range while charging.