View Full Version : Recycling die rolls [pbp]

2010-04-01, 02:23 PM
I'm noticing a tendency among pbp games to want to recycle unused die rolls, but that leads to the question: How long do you think a roll can last before it becomes 'stale'?

2010-04-01, 03:25 PM
Next time you have to roll that, you use that roll, always.
It has to be consistent, and it has to not be where you can choose to use it to keep it fair.

That said, if you roll an extra d10, and don't use a d10 for a month or so, then it is still valid for your first d10 "roll" after that.

2010-04-01, 03:28 PM
I'd say probably within the next day or so, maybe longer, depending on the speed of your pbp.

2010-04-01, 03:29 PM
Are you guys using in-game or real-life measurements?

2010-04-01, 03:33 PM
Its play by post, so time limit is unlimited.

2010-04-01, 03:35 PM
Mine was meant to be in-game.

Out of game it would really depend on the speed of your Pbp.

It also is kind of a meta-cheat to know what your next roll is going to be automatically, so I can see throwing it out too.