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2010-04-05, 06:54 PM
O.K. So I had an idea running around in my head about a base character class that is... for lack of a better term, based on physical power. I don't mean strength specifically or combat oriented (like monk is). I just mean very able like parkour mixed with ninja and barbarian. Just able or athletic, if that makes any kind of sense.

Anyway, the way I was looking at it was the class has several abilities that makes the character faster and/or stronger. They would work like a warlock's invocations but extrodinary rather then supernatural. Only one of the abilities can be used at a time but they last indefinantly. These abilities can be, for lack of a better term, "switched" as a full action during a turn. The character would gain one ability at each odd level starting with first.

I don't have the chart built yet but it would use the monk's base attack, saves, and hit die.

Here are the abilities I have so far in no particular order.

Land Striding
Base land speed increases by 10ft per level. Cannot be wearing armor heavier then light or encumbered.

Greater Skill
Skills that involve Str or Dex gain a +2 bonus per level.

Str score gains +1 per level.

Dex score increases by +1 per level

Con score increases by +1 per level.

Character becomes immune to poisons. This does not remove poison already in the body or heal poison damage.

Character gains fast healing at the rate of 1 hp per turn.

Heightened Reflexes
Character gains one extra standard action during his/her turn.

If you got this far thank you very much for reading. I am just looking for advice, ideas, and helpful criticism. Oh, if there is something like this already, I don't mean to step on toes.

2010-04-05, 07:06 PM
Generally, characters with solely mundane powers tend to run out of steam around 10th-12th level. Best to consider some truly outrageous powers past that point, or simply stop adding levels to the class.

If restricted to light armor, you'll need to have a class ability that improves your AC somehow.

You should ask and answer some basic questions, such as:
How does a member of this class contribute to the party when confronted with the task of:
defeating opponents?
solving mysteries?
negotiating with or persuading NPCs?
acquiring information?
exploring unknown environments?
surviving in hostile environments?
bypassing barriers?
sneaking around?
building or crafting?

You won't be capable at all of these things, but you should be able to articulate a clearly defined role that the class fills. If you can't do so, then the class is probably ineffective.

FYI: There is a class that more or less does what you're looking for. It's the factotum, from the Dungeonscape setting.

Realms of Chaos
2010-04-06, 05:00 AM
Looking at what you've got so far, it looks like a less useful and less versatile version of incarnum (from magic of incarnum)...
The simple fact is that this guy will likely need to change his/her "invocation" several times in combat, taking up too much time unless you allow a mere swift action to swift "invocations".
In fact, you may be better off just using Incarnum as a base rather than the Warlock. Give this guy one (or two) "athletacism point(s)" (or whatever you want to call it) per level and let them be distributed among any number of "invocations" that you have access to, powering up the abilities by putting in points rather than gaining levels. Each round, you could redistribute the points to continue contributing to combat.

The idea would still be kind of weak but that's a step in the right direction. If you're interested, I made a class powered by physical might a little while back. perhaps my paragon (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=128415&highlight=physical+perfection) can give you an idea or two...

By the way, the factotum seems to be nothing like what the OP describes, either in crunch (spending points gained in each encounter vs. extraordinary invocations) or in fluff (despite brains over brawn, the factotum isn't described as an athelete).
I wouldn't suggest using the factotum system of points with this character as there is no reason for the "athetic class" to not be... athletic out of encounters (when a factotum wouldn't have any points to spend).

2010-04-06, 03:30 PM
They should have the ability to bypass magical barriers, shift ethereal or have epic escape artist at levels beyond 12th.

Also, burst of speed, the ability to teleport with casters and dodge (yes, I said dodge) mental affects and magic missiles or something like it. Select from a combination of abilities that you have a choice of of every few levels.

Wall Crawler (ie.)
Prerequisite: Climb (15 ranks)

You now have spider climb, as the spell, always active. This is an extraordinary ability. Additionally, you can leap from surface to surface and are never hindered in any manner (supporting yourself on a surface with just one limb while performing other tasks is possible).

Furiously Bewildered Dancing (Ex)
Prerequisite: Perform Dance (15 ranks)

While in total defense, you must specify a 'dance radius' equal 5*1/2 character level (centered on you). You can move, but only within this radius and can perform any ordinary action besides spell casting or attacks and have a bonus to reflex saves equal to your character level as well as improved evasion.

Call it the eldritch dancer. :smallbiggrin: