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Capt Spanner
2010-04-06, 03:09 PM
I've got the main plot and characters worked out, but there's still plenty of detail to fill in. So far:

Style and setting:

Set in the near future - not so far as to be sci-fi, but far enough to gloss over non-plot essential fluff with made-up tech - and modelled loosely on the world of F1. The cars all look in my head roughly like F1 cars with a futuristic twist. For some reason there are only three tiers to it, compared to many in real life.

I don't have any particular art style I'm after. There'll be opportunity to draw spectacular crashes, and some other cool stuff. If you have some knowledge about racing lines, over-taking techniques etc... that you want to show off, this would be a perfect place to do it.

The main hook is hopefully the plot. The plot is quite tragic, so I hope to balance that with humour. Many details are yet to be worked out, but I think its best to discuss those with an artist, who'll be the one actually putting them into place.


Jackie Hunt: Young enough to still live with his mum and it not be wierd, but old enough to want independance (probably makes him about 17 at the start, although he will age somewhat at the comic progresses).

JH is inspired by Roland Rindt, see below, an racing driver, and really wants to become a racing driver like his hero. However, his family, particularly his mother, is very much against the idea fearing for her son's safety. (This is hightened when Rintz dies in a freak accident - his car exploding on track) JH is headstrong and full of self-belief, sometimes too much of it. We will see him, over time, learn the difference between self-belief and arrogance, to accentuate the first and temper the latter.

It is also in the nature of a racing driver to take big risks with a moments consideration. JH is very good at judging these snap decisions, but it does bite him from time to time.

As he works his way up through the ranks, Jackie finds the political side of racing frustrating. He lets accusations of deliberately crashing into other cars, racefixing and other such stuff that gets banded about frustrating. A little naively, he believes all of it to be made up.
As he progresses he finds himself getting pushed into these plots, little by little, until he's almost totally disillusioned with off-track events. Fortunately, he has a little epiphany and decides to keep his head on track and ignore everything off the track, and this is the difference it takes to get him into the very top flight of racing: FRC.

Once at the top level, JH has to find his feet again, as he's against a much higher class of driver, and initially drives Plutonic and is vaguely aware of, but turns a blind eye to their underhanded dealings. When given a chance to drive for Daedelus Racing, he leaps at the opportunity: it was, of course, Rintz's team. He is much more at home here, and quickly starts winning, much to Plutonic's annoyance.

Plutonic start playing dirty to keep JH down, eventually forcing him into a life-or-death decision...(Dun-dun-DUUUN!)

Roland Rindt: Good looking, funny, charismatic, superb driver, excellent role model. A very sympathetic driver, popular with everyone on the grid, except Plutonic who are envious of his success. His car explodes in a freak accident killing him instantly early on the story.

Jim Bills: A close friend and on-track rival to Rintz. He retired from racing and runs Team Daedalus by the time Jackie Hunt makes it to FRC.

Jackie Hunt's Mother: After trying to stop her son get into racing, she eventually accepts it once she sees how much he loves racing and how good he is.

Rival character: I'm not sure if it's worth giving Jackie a recurring rival, who is always a year or so ahead of him, or to establish different on-track villains at every stage. The former allows more continuity, the latter allows more variety. This is probably best played by feel.

Teams and Organisations:
Daedalus: Paragons of good sportsmanship. Not that they need to cheat, their car is the fastest. Despite being very well established, they race for the sheer love of it. Being the most successful team on the grid is largely just a bonus.

Plutonic: Motivated by success, and success only. They're clearly the villainous team and will stop at nothing to get the wins they think they deserve. Their underhanded methods include having one or two high members of the racing governing body under their control, as well as a small network of lower down officials to enable them to get away with sabotage.

Hermes: The third major team on the FRC grid. They are about as fast as Plutonic in terms of speed, and a little way behind Daedalus, but they work hard at it, and have moments of brilliance and are always able to push hard to win the championship, but never quite manage. The Hufflepuff of the FRC, in some ways. This will largely be for the team for non-antagonistic championship rivals to Jackie, and is who Jim Bills drove for. They're also allowed to voice opinions about Plutonic I wouldn't want Daedalus to say (i.e. muttering about responsibility for Rintz's death).

Overarching plot:

Jackie Hunt works his way up through the ranks of the racing leagues, following in the footsteps of his hero, Roland Rindt. Rindt dies in an accident, however, and JH is nearly forced out of the sport by his concerned family. He perseveres against his family's will, however, following in RR's footsteps to become FRC (Futuristic Racing Championship) champion. On his way up he uncovers a plot by which RR's rivals RR's death in order to win the championship for themselves. He tries to out the truth, but is denounced as a rumour-mongering and conspiracy theorist.

To his horror, JH now finds himself at the center of a re-run of this plot. It now becomes even more urgent that JH outs the plot, but the governing body refuses to investigate unless serious new evidence comes out. JH finds that the only way he can force the issue is allow himself to become the next victim of the Rindt plot.

Year 1:

JH easily defeats other wannabes to get into the Hebe GK2 team, and has some success in his first year. Although he isn't good enough to finish above mid-table, he impresses for a rookie and is kept on for another year.

In the same year RR wins a very close fought championship against Jim Bills.

Year 2:

JH finds GK2 much easier this time around, and has cut out silly mistakes he made first time around. He easily wins it. Also this year he meets his hero, RR, and gets some mentoring from him. By the end of the year he's moved up to GK1.

RR is on course to win title a second year running, but his car explodes, tragically killing him.

Year 3:

Now racing for the Pan GK1 team, JH's season is dominated by off track events and politics, and it isn't helped by his mother trying to talk him out of the sport. This all results in very mixed results for him, as he struggles to find his form. In addition, he finds Pan Racing favour his teammate, so he gets called in to pit at awkward times to benefit his teammate, and the like. It comes to a head when he's ordered to allow his teammate to pass him, but he refuses. Near the end of the season, he resolves himself mentally and has a driving epiphany, allowing him to transcend the "braking zone, turn-in, apex, accellerate" way of thinking just follow the lines he wants. (I realise that doesn't make sense...it will by the time we get there, don't worry. And it will be a really cool picture to draw.)

After this, JH wins the last race of the season in fine style and moves GK1 team Icarus.

In FRC, Hermes racing wins with Jim Bills. Jim dedicates his title to Rintz's memory. Off track, Daedalus try to investigate what caused Rintz's death, but can't find anything they've done wrong.

Year 4:

JH has a far better year, winning GK1 this time around. He is further spurred on by recieving an offer to move up to FRC's Plutonic team early in the season dependant on results. (Maybe Plutonic then interfere with his competitors a little bit, in subtle way. The way that would only be noticed on a second read through, knowing the full story). It is noticing this that brings JH's mother round to supporting his racing career.

FRC racing sees a close battle between the top three teams. Jim Bills breaks his leg in an accident, and announces his retirement. Meanwhile, the Daedalus head honcho also retires. Jim is offered his job and takes it. Something also happens at Plutonic to make them need another driver (maybe one of them shows a conscience...)

Year 5:

JH's season with Plutonic is occasionally impressive and we really get to see what they're like underneath - by the end of this season, we wouldn't put it past them to actually have lethally sabotaged a rivals car.

Year 6:

Daedalus brings in JH to their line up. He does very well, except when Plutonic successfuly sabotage his car. Sadly, no-one at Daedalus believes the sabotage is possible because they've never seen how things work inside Plutonic (that's spying, after all).

This forces JH to drive a car which Plutonic have placed explosives into. He realises, but has to choose whether or not to keep driving or just get away from the booby trapped car. There are several endings:

1. He decides to take a risk - if his car isn't booby trapped he wins the championship, if it is and he dies, then it will force the truth about Rintz's death out and justice will be served.
-a. Booby trap malfunctions, and JH wins the championship.
-b. JH dies, but race is red-flagged and JH awarded win, so he wins posthumously and truth is outed.

2. JH parks the car, and escapes the trap. Probably best option if we decide to continue into another meta-arc.

Anyone interested, please let me know.