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2010-04-06, 04:55 PM
Got kinda bored, did not want to get out of practice. I'm supposed to be an English major. Tell me if the twist is appropriately twistful.

The veils of the aether parted and the consciousness of Aeithe Whisperwind re-entered the flesh she used for traversing the Material plane. She had not been absent from it for more than an hour; a brief journey by the standards of the more experienced soulstriders. Muscles and nerves slowly re-acclimated themselves to the presence of a controlling mind, and the brain took a moment to ensure that all neurons were firing at optimal levels.

She was in no particular hurry, and let the process take as long as it would like, as recommended by Guild training. To rush an awakening was to tangle the yarns of motor control and cognizance, leaving the host dazed and clumsy. Aeithe despised clumsiness.

Aeithe’s form had been custom tailored for the locality. It had five legs, four of them occupied with walking and the fifth a strange, wavery thing that probed unseen parts of the air for changes in the otherworld.

It felt something. Though the physical world remained precisely where it was, the rest of the universe jolted and Aeithe was flung onto her back by the force. She scanned the area, looking for the source of the hideous disturbance. There! At the top of one of the strange wooden pillars the obscenely massive natives had placed here: a freakish lump of metal topped with an orb that glowed with unholy light. However hideous it was normally, she had always tolerated it, but now it was blocking an ethereal river and the resultant psychic waves were a serious problem.

Gravity was no barrier, and leaping to the top was an easy feat despite the fact that the structure was six times her height. She raised one of her body’s limbs to strike it down, but hesitated, and glanced at a nearby native, probably the one who had placed it there.

Simple though the creatures were, they could understand some things, and its face showed mild dismay. Encouraged by the knowledge that there would be no fierce repercussions, Aeithe struck and sent the thing toppling down to an early grave, shattering the blasphemous light.

At this, the native let out a huge surge of breath and mumbled in the strange brutish surge of syllables that passed for speech among their kind

“God damn it cat I liked that lamp.”

2010-04-06, 05:28 PM
That was pretty funny. Twist is fantastic.