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2010-04-07, 06:18 AM
Around noon you arrive at the forrest's edge, the familiar sight of green trees and blooming flowers growing along the small brook which, according to the information from the inscriptions, you will have to follow until you reach a waterfall even Camerick didn't know existed before deciphering the barely readable scribblings he had found the day before.

Since you know that your little adventure might easily take several days you took along a donkey carrying tents, tools, food, and drink. You also left behind your horses; the forrest will be too dense to ride through after about a mile.

The only thing to decide at this point is wether to just follow the stream or to look for a shorter path.


Please make a list of everything you took with you. I chose to start right in the forrest mainly to speed things up, but also to give you a chance to roleplay without any npcs so you can get used to your characters interacting first.

2010-04-07, 04:53 PM
Hey Cammerick, what exactly are we looking for again? Tuat is alert, well aware of the potential for an ambush in the forest. He is not uneasy however, his training, experience, and personality free him from that burden.

I have everything that's on my sheet.

2010-04-08, 12:32 AM
Alexander settles the pack over his shoulders. He thought it well... a little silly to be wearing this armor all through the woods, but Tuat was watching the trees, and he deferred to his judgement.

Besides, it was probably best to have the weight distributed all over his body. With Antares (his horse) left behind, he would have to carry it in some way.

Do we even have to be looking for anything?

I'll take a tent, my armor, my greatsword, and some clothes.

Oh, and a bit of food.

2010-04-09, 09:15 PM
"We're just going for a walk in the woods. The trick isn't to look for something; it's to realize what you've found." Camerick chuckled as his pet wolf drank from the stream, shaking his head and throwing water everywhere. "Right now, we've found a stream. If we stop walking now, it's likely that's all we'll find. But if we keep on, likely that we'll keep on finding things."

I've got everything on my sheet as well, along with 3 Quall’s Feather Tokens (Tree) and 2 Feather Tokens (Bird).

2010-04-09, 10:02 PM
Well, downstream always leads to the ocean, so what say we see what's upstream?

2010-04-10, 10:42 AM
We're looking for a waterfall right? So that means upstream, though we could just cut through the trees. Alexander pauses to consider the thick vegitation. I say a nice walk along the stream wouldn't be amiss.

2010-04-10, 01:28 PM
You decide that following the stream will be the best approach, and until late afternoon everything is quite idyllic; but then, out of nowhere, a horn is sounding from nearby, and the birds stop their singing and fly away in panic. A moment later you hear the sound of hooves approaching in a leisurely trot.

Along a broader path parallel to yours you now see three horses. Upon the first one sits an old friend of Sir Rosse's father, Sir William of Ironsfont, mayor of the county's economic centre, Ironsfont, and the Count's favourite foreign advisor.
Sir William is in his late thirties, his slowly retreating hair always covered by one hat or another. Right now he is dressed as the stereotypical noble hunter, looking slightly comic atop his black horse, his gut protruding over his saddle's edge.
He notices you and motions the other two riders, two guards unknown to you, to stop. Sir William points his rather large potato-like nose at each of you, his small brown eyes squinting at your for a moment, before he greets you friendly.

"Hello, there. I did not expect to meet another soul here at this time of the day, especially not my old friend's son. May I ask what lead you here on such a beautiful summer afternoon, Sir Alexander?"

With an audible groan Sir William dismounts and starts walking over to you.
One of the guards says something to him, but Sir William just waves him of, "Yes, yes, call back the dogs if you wish. It's not as if we would have had any success with the hunt, this time of the day."

2010-04-10, 01:48 PM
Tuat says nothing, he knows his place in society well, although he has had informal conversations with everyone there, aside from the guards, formality was to be maintained with both Camerick and Sir William, especially in front of the lower class guards, and formality dictates that he not speak until addressed.

2010-04-10, 01:56 PM
"We're out for a bit of a stroll, young Sir William. The boy has often asked how I walk from one place to the next so quickly, and so I thought to give him practice."

2010-04-10, 02:03 PM
Alexander smiles at the jest and strides toward the Mayor to shake his hand. We are, as I suspect you are as well, enjoying an afternoon in the woods. Though we may tell ourselves we have a purpose, it's all really just an excuse.

2010-04-10, 03:03 PM
Sir William chuckles politely and tips his hat to Camerick before adressing Alexander: "Yes, it's quite some weather for a quiet walk in the woods. Then again, when I was your age I wouldn't have missed an opportunity to sneak out to one of the villages. Although I must admit the view isn't too bad here, either,"
he chuckles for a moment to himself and nudges Alexander in the side before he shields his eyes from the sun and looks up the stream, continuing the banter: "You can almost see the old haunted rock from here, can't you? Ah, I might just be imagining it. Had some good time up there in my days. But I shouldn't be bothering you any longer. I suppose I will see you at the midsummer banquet next week?"

2010-04-10, 03:08 PM
Patiently, Tuat takes a moment to observe his surroundings.

Spot check:[roll0]
Listen check:[roll1]

2010-04-10, 03:42 PM
Tuat neither sees nor hears anything of particular importance. The two guards are whistling from time to time, the birds have resumed their singing, and the brook's stream fills the few silent moments inbetween with its soothing sounds. Except for your two parties, the birds and the dogs, the forrest seems to be empty, and Tuat can't see the "old haunted rock" Sir William talked about from here, either.

2010-04-10, 04:27 PM
ALexander laughs, a bit uncomfortable, and then nods. Yes, I believe the feast will be splendid this year. Then, turning upstream himself, Alexander asks So what kind of fun can one have at a haunted rock. He considers for a moment, then adds Aside from those afforded by the extra privacy?

2010-04-10, 08:09 PM
"It is said, Sir William, that most hauntings are but imagination, so to imagine to have seen the haunted rock is certainly not without precedent."

Camerick whistled to call his wolf over. "But we should be on our way, to find some hauntings. Imagined or otherwise."

2010-04-10, 08:13 PM
Knowledge (local) to see if I know anything about the haunted rock: [roll0]

2010-04-11, 04:35 AM
"Long ago it used to be a good spot if you wanted a complete view of the whole forrest and the surrounding land, but then the rock collapsed and is now barely high enough to be a noticable landmark. If you look closely you can still guess the old stream bed before pieces of the rock fell into the stream. The collapse is also the reason why it's called haunted, I think. Your friend is right, though, it's probably all rumors. Well then, it was nice to see you."

Sir William waves you goodbye, walks back to his horse, now surrounded by half a dozen hounds, mounts, and they all ride away again.


The haunted rock isn't much talk among the common folk, since only nobles are permitted to enter deeper into the forrest to hunt. Among the nobles it sometimes comes up, but only as a side remark or in a joke.

After Sir William's description, Camerick now knows where to find the rock, and probably what used to be a small waterfall. The place is rather unremarkable, just a big rock, about 70 ft. high, surrounded by a lot of smaller rocks and rubble through which the stream flows partially. Halfway up, at the side where the stream flows by, there is a small plateau with the remains of what probably used to be a hut; on top are several bird nests.

If you have nothing else to do first, you arrive there late evening and should probably start building a camp.

2010-04-11, 11:24 AM
Well, that was nice, running into him. Come on, let's find that haunted rock! and with that Alexander sets off eagerly.

Upon arrival at the rock he strips out of his armor and leaves it leaning against the rock. Then he kicks back to watch the sunset and listen to the fire crackle.

He could get used to this kind of life.

2010-04-11, 01:40 PM
At the rock, Tuat flattens down a nice patch of grass, then begins to gather sticks and twigs for firewood. I'll take the middle watch, it's the hardest.

2010-04-12, 05:46 AM
Anything you want to do before going to sleep? If not we can fast-forward to the next day.

2010-04-12, 03:13 PM
OOC: Fine by me.

2010-04-12, 04:18 PM
ooc: Alexander will take the first watch.... apart from that, nah.

2010-04-13, 07:34 AM
Well, since you don't have more information on the treasure's location, you should probably decide where to look first, of if just searching everything will be the best approach.

edit: hm, ok. Just give me general search checks and I expand from there.

edit: guys?