View Full Version : How do I have a successful craft fair?

2010-04-13, 01:42 AM
I am planning a craft fair and would like tips, ideas, suggestions etc. on how to have a successful fair. It will be outside in front of 4 little shops with about 12 vendors. I also need cheap ways to advertise this event. Any thoughts??? Thanks for your help.

2010-04-21, 09:54 AM
For cheap advertisement just walk around with a sandwich board sign.

2010-05-26, 05:02 AM
The best way to to learn how to do craft fairs is go to one. There you can see what are good selling items and what is not. See how others have set up there booth and how they are displaying their product. Look at pricing, you'll want a few high end items as well as moderately priced and low end. Become aquaninted with the people in the four shops since you will be setting up "shop" on their turf.