View Full Version : Chanting Bonuses(3.5e)

2010-04-21, 07:12 PM
In my level 20 campaign the first major challenge they have is a warlord known as Gegenar. He is a warlock who uses a room full of robed chanters to make his attacks stronger, be harder to hit, etc.

There are 10 chanters, and I want this to be quite difficult if the PCs don't take them down, but still a challenge once they do. What I need to do is decide on how much a bonus/what kind of bonus each chanter gives. I'm thinking of each being +1d6 Eldritch Blast damage as a start, but I'm not sure about the rest.

2010-04-21, 07:30 PM
+10d6 is a lot to add to a warlock. I would worry about straight up killing somebody the first round, which is scary but also not much fun for the unlucky player. I'd consider adding +1d6/2 chanters, and other abilities. 5% miss chance per chanter is scary, as is the ability to fork his eldritch blast based on the number of chanters. Maybe one extra target per three chanters? Extra invocations based on number of chanters left alive? Bonus hp?

Alternately, he has three turns each round. Kill a chanter and he's down to 2. Drop him below 5 and he only gets one.

2010-04-21, 07:38 PM
Good ideas. I was also thinking that he could take a full-round action to recover HP equal to his Con modxthe number of chanters. Sound good?

I'm also considering some sort of charge attack that takes longer with fewer chanters, and having him use it to kill some NPC ally they get for the mission.