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2010-04-22, 09:41 PM
EDIT: Now taking requests for drawings in this thread. I'd like to stretch myself, so as long as it's not too complicated I'll draw pretty much whatever anyone asks.

As it says, I'm attempting to do an art thread for the next-to-second-to-first time. I haven't been able to figure out why I never get any replies, but I think these latest ones I want to show are some of my best so what the hell. Plus, my friend and fellow D&Der Rakuguren is onboard to add to the art.

All these pictures relate to two ongoing D&D campaigns we're doing--one I DM, the other is DMd by our friend DrunkVegeta. In mine, Rakuguren plays Valda, a human fighter (who's now more than half some kind of chaos mutant star-spawn but ANYWAY.) In DV's I'm playing five characters to Raku's two. Introductions as pages warrant.

EDIT: Much thanks to bisected8 for helping this post to not look like ass!

The Drawings

First is Yoch-Mol, a Death Slaad villain in my campaign:
Fun fact: the players never saw Yoch-Mol in his fancy enchanted plate harness. He was totally chilling on his throne enjoying his froggy naked self with a smooth hookah pipe when they met him.

Next, A Scene of Peril. My PCs here are Aisha, human Psychic Warrior, and Beogar the Half-Orc Druid. Beset by Deinonychus.

Now, A Scene of Revenge, as Beogar closes in on the 2nd-level, quarterstaff-wielding Commoner who once humiliated him with a burning hand (yes my PC had a rivalry with a commoner. What.)

Here is a really old picture of Aisha in her armor, before I really had her face "worked out." Also shown in full is her tattoo, the Tibetan mantra "Om Name Padme Hum."

This picture, tentatively titled "Hexblade/Ranger Lady," was drawn by me years ago. However, the character concept resurfaced in a drawing you'll see later.

Here is another character concept that only recently made it into my campaign as an NPC. The concept is simple: Gun-Arm Samurai.

This Cleric of Dionysus has yet to resurface as a character concept since I drew it ages ago, but I still like it enough to show:

This has nothing to do with D&D, but look, it's Wolverine!

Here is a loose sketch of the bogun, a tiny plant construct Beogar made that has been useless ever since:

Again, nothing to do with D&D, but this sketch of The Red Skull has held up pretty well: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/3649/redskullm.jpg

This also my PC, a Neanderthal Rogue/Fighter/Barbarian named Young Male. However, he won't tell you that because Neanderthals never tell their True Name. Thus he is Biulf the Hunter to you and I.

Here is the Man, Myth and Legend you have probably heard me mention once, twice or thrice if you've ever seen a post of mine, Alphonse Arcanus (DV's PC). Also here is his cohort, Stephen Wolframson.

Now here is my Human Knight (and also NIHILIST!) Deoturic:

And lastly for this post, here is a gaggle of some NPCs who recently appeared to menace our heroes in my campaign. The world's top(ish) assassins, from L to R: Taguz and Musa the Desert Wind, the Batutta Brothers; Totilla the Bee-Wolf (rear); Gozuburo the Dragon-Arm (yeah that's a flamethrower he's got); Hen Tian Han the Liquid Sword; and Sinead the Never-Miss (not pictured with her bow >> ).
(BONUS: also includes English 421 lecture notes and tobacco smudges!)


Now whenever Rakuguren gets around to it you will see his half of this whole deal. Comments, critiques, insults, attention in general is totally cool with us. :V

2010-04-22, 10:03 PM
You can use IMG tags for imageshack pictures. You need to use the direct link for them though, not the URL of the image's page.

2010-04-22, 10:18 PM
Alright here we go.

Alright first up is a round of Valdas from Pied's campaign. I've drawn her a lot because she was my first character ever. Technically she wears plate mail like all the time but that stuff's a pain!

Those are all pretty old.

Next up are my characters from the campaign me and Pied are both PCs in. First Hilde:
Then Killian:
Killian likes to act like he's crazy. Also imo the naked one is probably the real one in this one-person conversation.

Recently I started MSPainting a lot during our sessions. Here's a bunch of Pied's characters:

Both of ours:

And mine:
Nero in the background:
Alphonse has a hard time keeping other characters under control.

This is my character, and her family, from a third, unrelated campaign:

Finally, all my characters together making unusual expressions:

Oh yeah and because if Pied is going to have superheroes by God I am too.

Maximum Zersk
2010-04-23, 09:51 PM
Alright, does anyone know of a free painting program? Or at least something cheaper than Photoshop?

Never mind. I'll try GIMP.

By the way, nice art.

2010-04-27, 07:19 PM
It's been long enough, now for more!

Here's one I've been working on for a while and it is by no means even close to done. But since I'll need to completely erase one figure for the next revision and I'm sick of holding on to this thing, here it is!

The whole party from my friend's D&D campaign: like I said, I play five characters, Rakuguren's are the two furthest right. From L - Sir Deoturic Swabian Crus, Human Knight; Young Male aka Biulf, Neanderthal Barbarian/Fighter/Rogue; Aisha, Human Psychic Warrior; Beogar, Half-Orc Druid (with Strongsnout, a badger, and the bogun); Canio, human Rogue/Fighter; Killian Brandt, Human Ranger, and Hildegarde Fitzbain, Human Swashbuckler).


And now, a scandalous scene of power abused. Guys, I'm sorry to say that when Rakuguren's 10th level Fighter gets tanked, this is what she does. And look at her new cohort in the back, corrupted by example! Shameful, shameful!


But lo, there are consequences!


(Rakuguren won a lot of points for his "parents eaten by wolves" backstory. A lesser writer woulda used orcs.)

And here, because I forgot to include it in the first post, is another from circa 2006. The Archangel Gabriel, who was going to be a major character in a webcomic I ended up thinking better of doing:


EDIT: PS I have a question to any other artist on the forum--anybody know what those blue pencils cartoonists use to make really light lines that won't show up later are called? I need to order like a bunch before I start getting serious with this whole drawing thing.

2010-05-12, 02:09 PM
Didn't forget about this thread, but the school scanner was broken.

This is a villainous NPC whose name I can't reveal so long as Rakuguren is reading this thread (actually her name is in the image url but whatever).


Pretty scary looking woman. But wait! She has a gentler side. Here she is nuzzling her tarantula familiar amidst scroll-inscribing. Also a crude sketch of her lighting a cigarillo with flintbox and a taper.


EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm willing to take requests of characters or whatever people want me to draw! As long as it's not too complicated (no vast landscapes, mainly) I'm willing to draw whatever people ask for to stretch out a bit.

2010-05-12, 09:22 PM
Piedmon_Sama, I think what you're referring to are "non-photo" or "non-repo" blue pencils.

Nice artwork, by the way. My advice on some of the larger pieces would be to resize them using your imageshack to less than 650 pixels wide, which will keep them from overlapping out of the main thread column. Other than that, they look great.

2010-05-13, 09:38 PM
Hey, thanks for the tip Soterion! I bought a few today, we'll see if my drawings start looking more professional. I'll keep the suggestion on size in mind, too.

2010-05-24, 01:07 AM
Hmm...nice art. I wasn't really expecting much when clicking on a random thread, but your work impressed me, well done!:smallsmile:

I especially like that you actually manage to draw facial features that are distinguishable. (Something I still have a long way to go with...:P) Your armours are also pretty good and detailed.

You draw different poses quite well too, though some of them are a bit stiff. Especially if the characters that are just standing still. Hmm...yeah, now that I take another look, the ones with motion do not suffer from this.

Next, A Scene of Peril. My PCs here are Aisha, human Psychic Warrior, and Beogar the Half-Orc Druid. Beset by Deinonychus.

I could also mention that this was my favourite picture. It looks alive, that's probably why.:smalltongue:
((I don't usually quote pics, but you had so many, that I felt this was better than trying to describe it))

In overall, good work! I always enjoy good art, so I hope there'll be more. :)