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2010-04-25, 12:33 PM
So, I've recently come into a box of AD&D books (which I don't play -- I only play 3.5 at the moment), and I'm looking to sell them. I went and checked out Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon for an idea of what to ask, and I must say I'm quite confused.

Regular books seem to fit where I expected, about ten to twenty dollars each. The official adventures are what are confusing me -- the same adventure can run from four dollars to as much as two hundred, depending on quality. I don't want to way overcharge and waste my time with no buyers, but I'd be disappointed to drastically undersell, either.

Is there any good starting point for pricing these things? Do people really pay $100+ for a one-shot adventure?

For reference, here are the books I have:

Dungeon Masters Guide
Player's Handbook
Monster Manual
Monster Manual II
Fiend Folio
Legends & Lore
Oriental Adventures
Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

UK3 The Gauntlet
UK2 The Sentinel
DL1 Dragons of Despair
DL4 Dragons of Desolation

Going through these, I also appear to have a lot of original D&D adventures and books -- I hadn't realized OD&D rulebooks were the same formfactor as the adventures (IE, not think and hardcover). Here's what I have of those:
Dungeon Masters Rulebook
Expert Rulebook x2
Players Companion: Book One
Dungeon Masters Companion: Book Two

Too many to type out right now, though I do see the "In Search of Adventure" campaign book

Lord Loss
2010-04-25, 12:35 PM
I've no idea what the pricings should be, but I got Oriental Adventures for 3$ at a used book store. Mind, though, it was damaged.

2010-04-25, 12:49 PM

I don't know how up-to-date this site is, but it's the closest I can find to what you're asking for. It only has TSR-published stuff in it though, so if you have anything by third-party publishers it won't cover it.

2010-04-25, 01:20 PM
Ahhh that gives me exactly what I needed (and feared -- I have essentially nothing :smallwink:)

Many thanks!