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2010-04-25, 11:27 PM
Playable race of devils designed with Eberron in mind, but easiliy adapted to any campaign setting.

Over one hundred thousand years ago, the dragons and couatls sealed away the most powerful fiends of Khyber forever. Those that escaped that fate went into hiding; some moved underground while others hid in the wretched places of the world. Others still changed their appearance to imitate the humanoid races, then still in their infancy. Of these latter, some eventually became known as the Lords of Dust and sought to free their ancient masters, but not every fiend that went into hiding saw eye-to-eye with the lords of dust, disdaining their love of chaos and wanton acts of violence. Biding their time, and plotting their plots, these are the Kilzecru, and they have remained unnoticed for centuries, slowly increasing their numbers, and waiting for… something.
Personality: Kilzecru delight in tempting mortals to evil, they aren’t even sure why themselves, it just feels good. Many are the Kilzecru who whisper wicked ideas into the ears of troubled mortals and they are the champions of bad advice. They are cruel to a fault. This is not to say that they engage in random acts of maliciousness; they would much prefer helping mortals bring ruin to themselves than actively bringing about such misfortune. They often make deals with whatever resources they have on hand only to twist the terms of the deal entirely in their favor, sometimes taking years to bring a single well-laid plan to fruition. Such is the highest form of pleasure for a Kilzecru. Among themselves, they form a hierarchy wherein the older Kilzecru command the younger generations. Although the elders rarely hand out orders, when they do, the younger Kilzecru take heed, for great is the wrath of the elder devils. Many Kilzecru believe their race to be descended from the various devil lords who now war on shavarath or dwell in the depths of Khyber. As such, Kilzecru sometimes devote themselves to the worship and emulation of the devil lords, taking on the mannerisms of and committing evils in the name of their chosen unholy patron(s). Kilzecru take great delight in earthly pleasures and vices, engaging in any number of decadent behaviors. They put on a friendly façade when interacting with others and play themselves off as good honest people, but beneath the surface they are always trying to figure out how to gain an advantage of any kind. They respond to insults and slights of any magnitude with cold, harsh vengeance.
Physical Description: A Kilzecru in its natural form resembles a red-skinned, muscular, well built humanoid devil. Their hair is almost always black, as are their soulless eyes. Elder Kilzecru sometimes have streaks of grey, but this only makes their appearance more threatening. Kilzecru sport black pointed horns on their foreheads that curve slightly backwards over their heads. These vary in length based on the Kilzecru‘s age, usually between 4 and 18 inches, though they are not suitable for use as weapons. They have barbed tails roughly 3 feet in length and long, claw-like black fingernails. They speak with a forked tongue, pointed ears, and a wicked smile of sharp teeth. A few possess vestigial bat-like wings or even multiple sets of horns or eyes, though these are purely cosmetic. The Males typically wear goatees in either form. In their disguised appearance, they appear to be attractive humans that resemble their natural forms. Kilzecru who deal a lot with humans have been known to fake humanoid aging processes and death through disguise or magic in the name of keeping up appearances. Kilzecru in any form recognize each other on sight. The race breeds true, but they are so few in number that births are a rarity, not that they‘re in any hurry. There is a 50% chance that a child conceived of a Kilzecru and a humanoid will be born a tiefling, the other half of births being the same race as the humanoid.
Relations: Relations with others are a Kilzecru’s stock-in-trade. They aren’t picky about who they associate with, but prefer to corrupt those who have the most to lose and those of good alignment. They strive to build good working relationships. After all, the closer you get, the more you know, the more leverage you have, and the more you can ruin. They recognize the benefits of partnerships and teamwork, but strive to manipulate the team to their own machinations whenever possible.
Alignment: Kilzecru are evil by choice, and lawful because those who aren’t don’t usually live very long when the elders are involved. On occasion, a Kilzecru goes against its evil nature and follows a more righteous path, but these Kilzecru are outcast among their own kind, even hunted down when they work against the machinations of their kin.
Lands: Kilzecru have infiltrated nearly every humanoid land on Eberron, but due to their small numbers and desire for secrecy they hold no land of their own. Outside of humanoid lands, some may be found dwelling in the demon wastes.
Religion: Those Kilzecru who worship deities have little use for the gods of mortals, but instead pay homage to the devil lords, who escaped to shavarath during the war with the dragons and couatls. Some look even farther back in their history to their creator, Khyber, and thus devote themselves to the dragon below.
Language: Kilzecru speak the language of humans. They also speak Infernal, their ancient language, but typically only when talking amongst themselves in secret. Kilzecru strive to learn many different languages, since words are their weapons of choice.
Names: Kilzecru go through common tongue names like ordinary humanoids go through tissues, discarding them when they are no longer useful. A Kilzecru’s infernal name, however, remains unchanged and is shared only among their own kind.
Adventurers: Kilzecru are free to pursue their own paths in life and as such many choose to take up adventuring to gain power and wealth, and to give them something to do with their indefinite lifespan. Kilzecru who make names for themselves are sometimes sought out by elders of their race to fulfill certain tasks. Gaining power and influence is also one of the few ways in which a Kilzecru can earn a higher station than her age would otherwise permit, but this is also a good way to make enemies amongst others of her kind. Kilzecru choose classes that take advantage of their natural talents and give them an edge with their scheming. Favored choices include cleric, rogue, sorcerer, wizard, beguiler, warlock, dread necromancer, archivist, and spellthief. Kilzecru with a more violent bent typically choose hexblade, swashbuckler, warmage, or duskblade.

Medium Outsider (Lawful, Evil, Native, Baatezu)
Though Kilzecru possess the Baatezu subtype, they gain no benefits of that type outside of their listed racial traits.

Base land speed: 30 ft.

Abilities: +2 Int, +2 Cha. Kilzecru share the tricky and beguiling nature of their relatives, the better to blend into society.

+4 Racial bonus on Bluff, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy checks. Kilzecru are natural beguilers and possess a silver tongue.

-4 penalty on Handle Animal and Ride checks. A Kilzecru’s unnatural aura makes animals nervous.

Resistance to Acid 5, Cold 5, Fire 10

+4 racial bonus on saves vs. poison

See in darkness (Su): A Kilzecru can see normally in natural and magical darkness.

Telepathy (Su): A Kilzecru can speak telepathically to any creature with a language within 60 ft.

Mortal Form (Su): At will as a move action a Kilzecru can conceal or reveal its devilish nature. When so concealed, the Kilzecru’s red skin, eyes, and tongue change to resemble a human’s, and her horns and tail disappear into her body. This allows her to appear as a human indefinitely. This ability also conceals her alignment as the undetectable alignment spell. A DC 35 Knowledge: The Planes check or a True Seeing spell sees through the ruse, but not the concealed alignment. Kilzecru automatically see through one-another’s disguises on sight. A Kilzecru fully displaying its fiendish nature gains a +4 racial bonus on intimidate checks.

Immortal: A Kilzecru never ages, nor does she die of old age.

Languages: Common, Infernal.

Bonus languages: Any

Favored Class: Warlock

Level Adjustment: +1

Height, Weight, Age

Random Starting Ages

16 Years|

Random Height and Weight
{table=head]Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier

5' 2''|

4' 5''|

To go along with this, I'll soon be posting a companion race of playable angels. I'll link to it on this post.

Edit: The Virtues (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8376263) are now up as well.

For now, Comments and Critique are welcome :smallcool:

2010-04-25, 11:47 PM
Do the kilzecru possess normal baatezu subtype traits? If so, it overwrites some of their racial traits (mainly with immunities and resistances). You may wish to specify that they do not gain the normal traits of the baatezu subtype, or simply remove it altogether. Not all devils are baatezu, after all.

Other than that, I quite like it, actually.

2010-04-25, 11:48 PM
Do the kilzecru possess normal baatezu subtype traits? If so, it overwrites some of their racial traits (mainly with immunities and resistances). You may wish to specify that they do not gain the normal traits of the baatezu subtype, or simply remove it altogether. Not all devils are baatezu, after all.

Other than that, I quite like it, actually.

>.< Thought I changed that, hang on...

Edit: Fixed. A friend of mine wanted a playable Baatezu, so I weakened their subtype abilities into what you see here. They are very similar to Baatezu, but not quite as powerful. It satisfied my friend though, even if he hasn't gotten to play one yet.

2010-04-25, 11:53 PM
Looks fine to me now, and a natural addition to Planescape as well as Eberron.