View Full Version : Items for a Psion [3.5]

Darius Rae
2010-04-29, 04:18 PM
So I have my psion built for a campaign that I will be playing over the summer, but I do not know what item to buy as he increases in level. I usually play cleric so I always have some weapon or armor enchantment to get, but the psion will have no armor an no weapon worth investing in.

The end character will be a level 30 Telepath with the Demigod epic destiny.
He will be getting metamorphosis at level 10 and greater metamorphosis as soon as possible.

Items that I will be getting:
Headband of Intellect
Tome: INT
Dorjes (although I do not know what ones)
Wand Bracer or a wand chamber for a quarterstaff

What other items are usual for a psion (or wizard even) to get while they level up? I would like to avoid armor strictly for the use of increasing AC because the character concept is focused on mind over matter and such, but I may apply armor bonuses to his adventuring outfit.

Jair Barik
2010-04-29, 04:26 PM
The third eye that boosts concentration by +10 is nice (basically lets you manifest all your powers without ever producing a display+is generally useful)

Even if you oppose armour you may like the ectoplasmic skin thingy from complete Psionics which grants a +8 armour bonus (with check penalties) while activated but can be turned off as a standard action.

A Psionatrix of your chosen discipline can be handy and can then by expanded on with several other psionatrices from the CP basically giving you multiple useful utility powers that you can access without taking as your chosen powers and without spending power points on them.

For the really high levels there are always the classics such as stat boosting magical items (both permenant from books and worn from belts, cloaks etc.).

Doc Roc
2010-04-29, 04:28 PM
Arcanist's Gloves! For all those level one powers you never stop using.